Charis Joy

We are big believers in strong names with meanings.  We prayed over and have carefully chosen each one of our children’s names. Both of our kids have very significant meanings to us. So we knew this little girl, who had defied all odds and had been prayed for for months, had to have a strong name.  We thought about Miracle.  Destiny.  Chosen One.  Only kidding.   

Since I last updated the blog, we’ve announced our little girl’s name-Charis Joy.  It’s pronounced just like Charis in Charisma or Karis.  Mike and I had been leaning towards another name but neither one of us thought it felt right. My dad sent me an email the day after we received our miracle:

“Last night in my hotel room before we all went out for dinner, I was alone and rejoicing for the wonderful news we got yesterday.  Then I felt a strong impression about the baby’s name which I was not thinking about, nor had I been thinking about this at all.  This was completely out of the blue.  I feel like the Lord gave me the baby’s name but I strongly hesitate to say because this is your choice and you should hear from God about that.”

The Lord gave him an awesome word for her and much of the word was about “grace.” I asked my dad if he felt like her name should be grace, and he said yes. 

Mike and I love that name.  That’s why it’s our first daughter’s middle name. Haha! 🙂  So we thanked the Lord for a beautiful word for her but thought there was another name out there for her.

A few weeks after we received our miracle, our pastor did a sermon on Charis.  He said, Grace is “charis”-a gift; an enablement to do something beyond your own ability.” Mike looked over at me and said, “Maybe that is our daughter’s name.” I said,”Huh?” “Charis.” “Omg.  I love it!”  I immediately got on google and researched the name Charis.  It did mean “grace.” I definitely thought I had been walking a road that I couldn’t walk alone without Jesus. This was not a road I could walk with my own ability.   I had said from the day I heard we had received a great miracle, “I’m so underserving of this grace God has shown us.” I even blogged something along those  lines. 

Later that week, I was praying early one morning-especially for my little girl particularly.  I felt impressed to do a word study on the word “charis:

    1. that which affords joy, pleasure, delight, sweetness, charm, loveliness: grace of speech good will, loving-kindness, favour
    2. of the merciful kindness by which God, exerting his holy influence upon souls, turns them to Christ, keeps, strengthens, increases them in Christian faith, knowledge, affection, and kindles them to the exercise of the Christian virtues
    3. what is due to grace
    4. a gift of grace
    5. benefit, bounty
    6. thanks, (for benefits, services, favors), recompense, reward


All these words were what I felt like this child was from the beginning-a reward, favor, a joy.  I always felt so impressed to thank the Lord for the grace he had shown us in protecting her and choosing us to walk this miracle.  Then I saw the words, “exerting holy influence upon souls, and turning them to Christ.”  This was so much of the word my dad had received-that she would be a light and walk in grace!

I shared with Mike what I had found, and both agreed it was the perfect name for her.  It took us awhile to get used to it but in the last month we’ve felt confident that was her name. 

We chose Joy for her middle name.  Something we never thought we choose, but this little girl has brought us so much joy and made us rejoice more than we ever have.  She has been the conduit of a miracle.  She has made us see a true miracle first hand.  We were told by multiple doctors, specialists, and ultra-sound techs that she would not make it.  But God has used her to bring hope to us and to many others.  For that, we are so joyful!

Denny is her last name.  Well, I thought about Hardegree (my maiden name) because “I am woman.” Haha!  Only kidding.  This child is so blessed to carry on her Daddy’s name.  He is the greatest man.  He exemplifies all fruits of the spirits, and he is meek.  I can truly say, he is greater person in our home when no one sees than what everyone else sees outside.  

We are on the 5 week countdown to hold our little Charis Joy….we can’t wait!

Overall, things are going great!  She was struggling with gaining weight and my fluid levels were low.  I’ve been put on moderate bed rest, told to drink 32 oz of juice a day, no more cardio exercise, and increase my protein intake.  Those things have seemed to work.  She had gained 2 lbs. in a month since I had been doing these things and my fluid levels were in the normal range today.  We are so encouraged!

The one big prayer request I have is there has been discussion of having to have hysterectomy.  Monday at my appointment (I go twice a week now) the doctor made it seem inevitable.   But my specialist and doctor I’ve been seeing very often since the beginning and now see once a week, told me today that he felt like that there was only a 1 in 5 chance.  I will be honest, I’ve always wanted 4 kids but after the struggle to get pregnant and the drama of this pregnancy, Mike and I have felt more than confident that we were done.  So that hasn’t been the hard to pill to swallow.  It’s just the side effects of a partial hysterectomy.  The doctors have told me I won’t experience any side effects with a partial hysterectomy.  But from a lot of reading and talking with a few friends who have had a partial hysterectomy at a young age…I just don’t think that information is completely true. Most of my friends have had side effects-some stronger than others.  Obviously, we want what is best for my health longterm but I also don’t want to remove my uterus for the sake of removing it because it’d be easier.  We have a lot of things to process, think, and pray about.  We are meeting with my head surgeon in a couple of weeks-I have 3.  Just please pray for wisdom for him and us.  Most of all, I just want complete peace that decision we make will be best long term for my family and I.  Obviously, we aren’t going to be able to make a final decision till we get in there the day of the delivery but at least, we can go in there with a semi-firm Plan A, B, and C.

Thank you all for your continued encouragement and prayers.  Not a day goes by that I don’t receive a text, call, or message from a friend or family member just asking how I am.  I’m so thankful for all the wonderful people I’m surrounded by.  


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