Maternal Fetal Specialist Appointment

We had another Maternal Fetal Specialist appointment this morning.  It was our longest one yet. (Of course, we had a babysitter on the clock for this one.  😀 )  The techs always want to try to figure out what this is so I’ll get dressed, and then they’ll call me back for one more picture.  The girl this morning jokingly said you must just like attention to be producing such a medical mystery.  Hardly.  But she was very sweet and took lots of time answering all of our questions.

The basics are our little girl looks great!  Everything measures correctly and is developing perfectly for almost 20 weeks. She was moving all over the place this morning and wouldn’t give us great pictures. But I’m thankful for a beautiful active baby!  She is following suit of her brother and sister-all her measurements are measuring a little behind but still normal-but I just have petite babies.

The mass has doubled in size.  Its about the size of 2 grapefruits.  I talked a lot about the possibility of cancer with the doctor today, and asked if I needed to be seeing an oncologist.  He said, nothing about this even makes that thought enter his mind.  He said this is a paternal issue (so yes, I’ve been jokingly blaming my husband a lot!) so even if 1000 people in my family had cancer it wouldn’t relate to this.  Plus my HCGs are normal.  (I did have those drawn again today.  But I know they are going to come back normal.  I feel so so much better!) My ovaries are not swollen (which they couldn’t find my left one because of the mass but my right was normal size.)

I asked the Ultra-sound tech if she had a best guess of what it is.  She said either some kind of abnormality of the uterus that was previously there or a miracle-a partial molar that miraculously stopped.  I asked the doctor what his best guess was, and he said very not textbook-like molar placenta degeneration or a molar pregnancy twin and a healthy baby (which we had ruled out but it has come back up).

So I still remain a medical mystery.  But I’m so thankful our little girl is doing so well and thriving!  We truly believe this is still a miracle.  We may never find out what it is but we might on delivery day.  Who knows?!  We are just thankful for God’s clear protection on her and me.  Please continue to pray for protection for our baby and me, that this mass will stop growing so rapidly, and for wisdom for my doctors.


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2 Responses to Maternal Fetal Specialist Appointment

  1. Kathy Moock says:

    Praising GOD that the little one is growing so well. We will continue to pray for protection for you and the baby and we will pray that the mass stops growing. Our GOD is in the miracle business & we know He is doing great things with you!

  2. Erin, this is such a miracle of God! Many many many people are praying for you. But you can add Paul and I to your list of prayer warriors as we have been praying for you along with everyone else. It is exciting to see what God is doing!! Can’t wait to see this healthy baby girl!!! Congratulations by the way. So exciting. Merry Christmas to you and your family!! We will keep praying till the coast is clear. ❤

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