Quick Update

We are getting back into the swing of things around here today.  Mike went back to work today.  Luke is in the schoolroom doing his work, and Elle is doodling on paper pretending to do “school.”  I’m still trying to get back to normal around here and take care of myself-getting plenty of rest since I’m a high-risk pregnant lady.  🙂

We had so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving weekend.  Thanksgiving Day, we celebrated 17 weeks of pregnancy.  Wednesday morning before Thanksgiving, I had my 4th doctor’s appointment in a month! This time with my regular OB. We heard our baby girl’s  strong heartbeat which is always SO comforting to hear.  I talked to my Nurse Practitioner, who was the first to diagnose a partial molar pregnancy, she kept telling me you know this is unheard of, right?!  All the doctors in our practice are calling you a miracle case.  She did say they would probably want to write a medical case on me.  I asked if that meant they’d pay for my medical bills….had to try.  🙂

I’m just a little frustrated because none of the doctors even seem to know about a partial molar pregnancy coupled with a healthy fetus.  I feel like my own medical advocate….asking for certain tests, telling them the risks and insisting there are cases like mine-I know only 3 on record but none the less, there are.  We see an MD at my next regular OB appointment, and we are really going to ask to be sent to a high level OB.  We are also hoping our specialist doctor will have more information and knowledge at our next appointment with him.  Please continue to pray for wisdom for my doctors.

Also, my blood pressure was 130/86 when I first got the appointment.  I usually run 115/68.  Like I said before, preeclampsia is a side effect of a partial molar pregnancy.  They would have to deliver the baby no matter how far along I was.  Please, please pray against preeclampsia.  Thankfully, I asked them to retake it before I left and it was down to 120/70.  I think it was just nerves.  I’m always anxious every time I step into a dr.’s office now.  I went and bought a blood pressure monitor and plan to monitor it home.  We are also having a preeclampsia screening at my next appointment. That will let us know if we can relax a bit about it or if we need to stay-on-top of it.

We had so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.  I’ve heard so many people say how much our story has touched them.  People who didn’t believe in miracles are encouraged to hear our story and know God is still working modern day miracles.  Though this journey is hard and still unknown, I’m so thankful to be able to walk it.  God has been our strength.  He is using our little girl already to change the world.  We feel so blessed he chose us.

A few pictures from our weekend.












And yes, I can’t see my feet already….someone asked me this weekend if I was having triplets. Although, I showed just like this with my other two, and they were 4 lbs 11oz and 6 lbs 9 oz, I thought about saying something smart like, “No, but I do have tumor-like cysts all over my placenta which make me larger. Thanks for reminding me I’m high risk.” But of course instead I said, “You would think wouldn’t you?! No, I just show early, and this is my third.” Haha!  It still amazes me the third time around the things people think are ok to say to pregnant women.



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2 Responses to Quick Update

  1. Annie says:

    So happy for you. What a wonderful Thanksgiving for your family. You are doing a great job being your own medical advocate! It’s amazing the difference you can make when you pay attention and ask questions. I would think you DEFINITELY qualify as a high risk pregnancy!

  2. Debbie Denny says:

    Happy news 🙂 Still praying, Love you all!

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