Full Heart

First of all, let me just say thank you to all of you!  Thank you for rejoicing with us, for your kind words of encouragement, and support!  

We’ve had friends filling our freezer with meals.  Family coming to stay for a week to help me.  Calls, texts, and messages of encouragement.  It’s amazing how a traumatic event just shows you how loved you are.  Mike and I can’t stop talking about how surrounded and blessed we feel by each of you, especially at dinner tonight as we ate Shrimp Corn Chowder that one of our friends filled our freezer with.  It was so yummy!  

I’ve been receiving several texts and messages wondering how we are.  The answer is good just tired.  After 3 1/2 weeks of little sleep and major emotional turmoil, I have been tired.  I’m spending any little bit of free time sleeping-catching up on all I missed.  

Now that my HCGs are down, and I’m not getting sick several times a day every day, I’m trying to bring some more normal back to the house.  We got caught up on several days of school today with Luke and got a pile of laundry done.  I’m outgrowing my clothes and have very little in my closet from my first two pregnancies so my mom went out with me last week, and we got some new things to grow with me.  Now that we know we are being blessed with another girl…we’ve been brainstorming and praying about names.  We’ve got it pretty narrowed down but think we are going to keep it a secret till birth day since all our other business is out there!  🙂

I’ve been brought to tears pretty much everyday thanking the Lord for the major miracle he has preformed for us.  Yesterday, we overslept for church.  So Mike made a big breakfast, and we watched our church service together in front of the fire place.  We took communion at the end together as a family with our church.  It was such a sweet time reflecting on the Lord’s faithfulness and goodness to our family.  Luke led us in 10,000 Reasons, by Matt Redman.  I’m thankful how much this journey is teaching my children.  I debated how much to share with them but really felt like I needed to be transparent as I could be on their level.  I can see so much growth in their prayers and faith just in the past month but that is an entirely different post.  We are just so thankful as a family!

I’m pretty sure I have a regular OB appointment Wednesday.  I’m going to call tomorrow and confirm.  They scheduled this appointment 4 weeks ago right after they dropped the bomb on me!  I don’t remember much and can’t find that tiny appointment card.  Please pray for continued wisdom for my dr.’s.  Even though, they aren’t sure what the mass is, it is still there.  I still want to get proper care to ensure the best health for me and the baby.   There are a lot of risks if this is a partial molar with coexisting healthy baby-early preeclampsia being one of them.  I had preeclampsia with Luke.  My blood pressure shot up to 196/112 at 38 weeks and my kidneys were starting to shut down.  God gave us a miracle then!  But we are just praying against preeclampsia this time.  There are also other complications but that is the one of major concern for us.  So please pray for that!  

We are just so grateful for the Lord’s protection of our baby and me.  Our hearts are so full.  We know He has carried us this far so he will continue to carry us on the journey ahead!  He is so good!  



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Happily Married with 2 Wonderful Children.
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