Bedtime Prayers

Luke and Elle’s bedtime prayers have pretty much been the same lately.  I couldn’t help but record them tonight.  I never want to forget Elle praying for the “bacterias,” and that Mommy won’t be pregnant again. (They still want me to have 10 kids but I think they are over pregnancy after 4 months of Mommy being down and out. Haha!)

I never want to forget Luke calling the bad cells “yellow cells.” Most nights he prays that the white blood cells will attack the yellow cells.

The prayers of a child.  They make me laugh.


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Happily Married with 2 Wonderful Children.
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One Response to Bedtime Prayers

  1. moockkat says:

    Precious prayers of precious children. You are training them well! I pray that “Mommy’s throw up goes away”, too. Praying for GOD’s protection for baby & Erin.

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