Specialist Appointment

***This blog is for my therapeutic journaling.  As well as, keeping all my sweet friends and family updated.  Please do not give your medical opinion unless you are in the medical field or have walked through a partial molar pregnancy.  Please be sensitive with your comments too.  I know everyone has the best of intentions.  I really do.  But the fact is we are in a really vulnerable situation.   We just want prayers!  Love you all!

***Also, I haven’t found anyone on the web who has experienced a partial molar with what looks like a very healthy baby by 14 weeks.  Maybe, I can share and encourage someone else in the world with my story…And hopefully, they will be inspired by our miracle!!

***We have hope for a miracle-so much hope!  I know I serve of BIG God, and I’m so so thankful for Him. I couldn’t imagine walking through something like this without Him.  But please do not tell us not to believe science, we have to believe our God. Or that God is the life giver so I have to leave it His hands and not try to take it into my own.  I agree with those things with my whole heart!  I believe God favors life and miracles.  But I also believe, Mike and I have to be closely in tuned to the Holy Spirit so we can hear His voice and take both science and His immense, great power into consideration.  I’m led back to Proverbs 15:22, “Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisors they succeed.”  I pray every time I consult an expert that God will give them supernatural wisdom or for wisdom to come out of this medical case I’m reading.  I believe many times the Lord partners with doctors and experts.  However, I know my God is bigger than any diagnosis so Mike and I are searching His wisdom, direction, and healing every.single.day.

***Thank you to all of you, though!  You’ve had the kindest and most supportive things to say.  I’ve heard 1000’s of supportive, positive words and only a few that stung me, and in all honesty, they were said with the sincerest good intentions but I’m just vulnerable right now.

Monday morning at 8 am we had our specialist appointment.  They did an ultrasound.  My heart sunk when I saw the grape-like cysts again on my placenta.  I was hoping it was a misdiagnosis or a fluke.  The US tech took all sorts of pictures and ushered us back to the waiting room.

We saw the doctor about 10 minutes later.  His first words to us as we sat across his desk were, “Guys, this is tough, tough, tough.” Then he asked me what my doctors had told me and what I had seen on the internet about a Partial Molar pregnancy.  I explained to him.  He said it sounded like I had a very good understanding.  He also mentioned 4 other medical terms associated with molar placenta degeneration.  He said it could possibly be one of those.  I asked if there was any hope.  He said no.

(Just to be clear, when we are asking for hope  I’m asking for hope to even meet my baby.  This has nothing to do with disabilities or a healthy baby.  We are asking if the baby will even make it long enough to have a fighting chance without killing me.  Read this article from Answers in Genesis if you are interested and have questions. Also, they do not directly address partial molar pregnancies in this article so I wrote them Tuesday and heard back from them yesterday. I’ll probably post their response in the next few days.)

But He was stumped.  EVERY single measurement that they look for any chromosomal disorders measured PERFECTLY for our baby.  Every.one. The neck measurement was spot on.  The nose measurement looked perfect.  The crown to rump measurement was perfect.  EVERY SINGLE ONE.

He told us he had only seen a dozen of these over his 40 years of practicing but never at almost 14 weeks.  I asked in those dozen of  cases if he ever had a positive outcome, and he hadn’t.  But this doctor said that doesn’t meant there isn’t hope.  I’ve seen a 500,000 ultrasounds over my life.  I’m considered an expert.  But I haven’t seen every ultrasound ever. Since, EVERY measurement is spot on.  I want to give you a DNA test and see you back in 2 weeks.  If you begin to bleed, then we have our answer.  But if the DNA test comes back with 46 chromosomes, this is a medical phenomenon.  He is consulting other experts around the country about our case.

Addition after my initial post: (I‘ve had people allude to why we chose to do a DNA test.  We refused to do any test with other two because we knew our choice would always be life.  But this is a completely different situation.  This test will give us hope of life if it comes back clear!  We’ll be able to make a better plan of action from these results.)

Since then, Mike and I and a friend have found 3 medical case studies of women who delivered a baby with a partial molar pregnancy with success-although they said it should be called something different since partial molars do not come with a healthy fetus. These women had a partial molar (covering only 1/3 of the placenta like mine) coupled with a healthy fetus.  It was a long road but all the cases said if the baby measures correctly, the chromosomes come back 46, and the mother doesn’t experience early complications, there is great chance a woman can deliver a very healthy baby.  This is just so rare that there isn’t much information out there.  We read it is almost 1 in a million to find a healthy fetus coupled with a diseased placenta. That’s why this is such a hard, baffling case.

I should get the DNA results back today.  If these are clear then I’ll be sent to a High Level OB for continued care.

Our current prayer requests are for healing for my placenta.  That God will continue to protect our baby, and that the DNA results come back at 46.   Pray for peace and rest for us.  I have a million thoughts swirling in my head and haven’t been sleeping well at night. Pray protection for my little ones.  They are so excited about their brother or sister!  They don’t understand exactly what is going on, though we’ve tried to explain it in very simple terms, but know something is going on.  I heard them talking about heaven the other day as they were reading Luke’s space encyclopedia.  Elle said to Luke, “we might not meet our baby till we get to heaven. Can you find heaven in here?”  Luke said, “Yes, God might heal our baby in heaven but hopefully he’ll heal them in mommy’s belly so we can meet them.”

**I’ve also had several questions whether this was one of the rarer cases of a healthy twin coupled with a molar pregnancy.  Although, we can’t know for sure.  The ultrasound doesn’t look like it was a twin at all.  We do not think we are dealing with that in our case.


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6 Responses to Specialist Appointment

  1. Wow. The convo of Luke and Elle sent shivers followed by tears. Love you guys so much. You are already increasing faith of so many through your testing. We are standing on the promises with you.

  2. Amy Dillard says:

    Cam and I have had you and Mike on our minds and hearts. Praying with you.

  3. debbie fulcher says:

    Erin, you and your precious family are in my prayers. Love you.

  4. WOW Luke and Elle are AMAZING and I am believing that this sweet little miracle in progress will be case study number 4 that God will just blow the doctors minds! I cannot tell you how much this has moved me and has strengthened and increased my own faith, and my need for Kleenex! I am sorry for your struggle but appreciate the raw emotion and honesty you share. I just know this is going to bring so many closer to God, increase your family’s faith as well. There are times when the pain and fear is so real all I could do was say Jesus over and over again. There is power in His name. Love you and thank you for being so real.

  5. Meggan Delano says:

    You have two very special children who delight in the Lord, well done mom! Please know the Delano family is standing in battle with you and we lift our prayers for your healing and your strength.

  6. Carol Trotter says:

    We are standing in agreement with your family in prayer!

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