Weekly Snapshot

I haven’t been blogging as much as I used to.  I don’t like that.  Writing is one of my favorite creative stress relievers–No mess made, sticky fingers, stained clothes, and best of all, it can be left without worries of little hands getting into it when a 3-year-old needs their bottom wiped or a little girl spills her drink all over the kitchen…all results of other creative projects I delved into. I’m not sure when I’ll be able to get back to blogging more faithfully, soon-I hope!  But until then I’ve committed to myself to keep up with these Weekly Snapshots.


Last Sunday, I posted about Elle and I going to Mother/Daughter tea at a friend’s house.  She sent me this picture.  It isn’t the best but I love how Elle has her lovie, brown blanket, on her head.


Luke, Elle, and I painted the ornaments/gift tags we made the Friday before.

Luke made and painted a football for his tree.

Elle painted a butterfly for her tree.

And don’t let these pretty little pictures fool you!  It might have been somewhat organized and clean at first but it quickly turned messy!

That’s what kid’s crafts are for!  I try to keep the messy, possible stress inducing crafts to once a week.  In fact, I found myself googling “non messy Christmas preschool crafts” today.  (Just keepin’ it real, friends!)


A couple of weeks ago, I said how Mike’s schedule was nice and wasn’t much of adjustment at all.  Well, that changed for me last week.  Last week, every ounce of me hated it!  Thankfully, it was nothing a lot of prayer and support of my husband couldn’t carry me through.  But I have to admit, I love that Luke and Elle get have their mornings with their Daddy everyday reading them their devotions.


It was just one those days when dark chocolate is the only thing that sounds good.  No, I didn’t eat the whole bar! 🙂  


Luke, Elle, and I had such a treat!  We went to the Fox Theater in downtown Atlanta to see the Nutcracker.  They both were clapping, dancing, and enjoying it.  This place is beautiful!  I felt so blessed to treat my children to such an special Christmas tradition in a fabulous setting!


At the beginning of the season, I made a list of all the Christmas activities we wanted to do with the kids.  I typed them up, printed them out, cut them, and inserted an activity into their advent calendar for each day.  So everyday after breakfast, we see what the Christmas activity we will be doing that day. They aren’t all elaborate activities. Some are as simple as drinking hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows or making cookies for the neighbors.
Friday’s paper read “Go look at Christmas lights,” so we headed to a local college campus that decorates for Christmas.

Saturday and Sunday:

Mike and I worked on the kid’s big Christmas gift. A few months ago, I mentioned how I was overwhelmed by the Lord’s goodness to us after a Goodwill shopping trip!  Yes, I said a Goodwill shopping trip.

Since last Christmas I knew I wanted to get Elle (and Luke too, frankly) a kitchen for Christmas.  This fall when she really started wanting to imitate me and be right where I was, I knew the kitchen would still be the perfect gift for her.  So what’s the problem?

My husband gives me a hard time. I have expensive taste.  I like to call it quality taste!  I really didn’t want a plastic kitchen but the quality wooden kitchens were out of our budget. One day on Pinterest, I came across this little cute kitchen  repurposed from an old entertainment center.  Although I’m not very good at DIY projects, I knew since I still had a couple months till Christmas I could do it.  So, Mike and I headed to Goodwill one Sunday looking for an old entertainment center to convert to Elle’s play kitchen.  Guess what was there?

A $250 Melissa and Doug kitchen priced at $30!!

The Lord has really been teaching me how He cares about the little things.  See, I have no problem trusting the Lord for the big things-I’ve never doubted His love, control, protection, etc.  Its always been the little things that I have faith issues with-does the Lord really care if Elle gets a plastic kitchen or a wooden kitchen?? I think he does!  That’s why I was so ministered to after that trip.  I literally wept in the car!  And no, we aren’t having financial problems.  It is just the continued faithfulness of God that moves me!!  He is just so good!!!! I feel so undeserving of His immense love for me and the way He displays it.  My prayer is everyone would know Him and experience His daily faithfulness.

Okay, I didn’t mean to preach.  But I can’t contain the joy He has given me sometimes!

But Royal blue, cherries, and doodles aren’t really our style.  And I knew I wanted to put it in the kitchen, where I’d look at for hours a day so Mike and I gave this little kitchen a makeover this weekend.

I LOVE how it turned out!  The fridge and freezer were painted with chalkboard paint too so Elle can doodle to her little heart’s desire!  I had intentions of doing a fancy backsplash but decided for time and money’s sake to nix it.  It’s still cute!  Although, a hand painted or vinyl quaterfoil pattern on the backsplash in white or light grey is still on my mind! 🙂

Can’t wait to see Elle play in her new kitchen on Christmas!

Praying all of you have a blessed Christmas and experience His faithfulness in everything-even those little things!


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