Weekly Snapshot


We met my sister-in-law and nieces, Laura, Ashley, and Skyler, at Ikea.  They were passing through the area and had never been to Ikea.  Like usual, I gave Luke the Ipod to entertain him while shopping.  We ended up getting an early dinner at their restaurant, and I distinctly remember taking the IPod from Luke and putting it in the stroller.  After dinner and playing, Luke asked for the Ipod again.  I went to grab it and it was gone.  We scoured the store for at least 30 minutes.  I called Ikea several times last week asking about it.  I’m pretty sure someone must have grabbed it.  All I can say is I hope they enjoy it as much as my little boy misses it.  He cried for at least an hour, “My Ipod!  My Ipod from my Granddad. Granddad is going to be so sad. Daddy is going to be sad.  My Ipod!”


We lost power due to a down tree during the rain storm we had.


The power came back on at some point during the night and must have stayed on awhile but went back out just in time for alarm clocks,  breakfast, and getting dressed for the day.  So we cancelled our plans to carol at the nursing home that morning and instead joined Daddy at Starbuck’s.


You will rarely see “snapshots” from our life at 1:30 am-we love our sleep in this house.  But early Thursday morning Mike was eating dinner!  And Luke is just like his mommy and can’t sleep well till daddy is home.  As soon as Mike walked in the door at 1 am he was running down the stairs in a zombie state saying, “Daddy, you’re home! You’re home!”

Why the late night? Mike’s new “project” at worked started Tuesday.  He ended up having to work till 12:45 Thursday morning.  No worries. A hot dinner was waiting when he got home. And so was his little buddy. 🙂

Double portion…

The kids and I made Christmas tree brownies Thursday night after dinner.


The kids and I made Christmas ornaments using this recipe. We still have to paint them but here they are mixing the dough.


We headed to Lenox Mall for a visit with Santa.

Luke wanted a birdhouse and a replacement for his Ipod. 🙂

The sun was right in Elle’s eyes so she is squinting.  We did everything to get a smile out of that girl but nothing seemed to work.  It’s an odd tradition we have to force our children to sit in the lap of a strange man. 😉   Most kids were screaming at the top of their lungs.  Luke was one of the only kids I saw that was excited about Santa.  Elle wasn’t sure whether to believe the other kids, that Santa is a scary man, or her brother, that he is a jolly fellow.


We left the house at 9:30 in the morning for church, lunch, Christmas shopping, and a mother/daughter tea for Elle and I and football in the park for Daddy and Luke.  When Mike I pulled into the garage we both said, “What is that smell?”As soon as my feet hit the ground, I remembered! “Pumpkin Bread.”  I put a 2nd loaf of pumpkin bread in the oven right after breakfast, I set the timer, and knew it’d be ready to take out of the oven as we were leaving.  Even though I was up at 4:30 am, we were still rushing to get out the door, I didn’t hear the timer, and the bread stayed in the oven.  Although, I wish I had taken a picture of Elle and I dressed in our “tea party” clothes, alas this is the only Sunday picture I took.

Pumpkin bread, anyone?

**I almost hate posting some of these pictures because of the poor quality.  I took most of these on my phone.  The camera isn’t very good.  Can’t wait to get my new one for Christmas!


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