Thankful Tree

I was going through my pictures this afternoon and realized I had never posted our Thankful Tree.  Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays, and I wanted to do something to special to celebrate throughout November.  I came across a Thankful garland for a mantle on Pinterest.  It inspired me to do a tree.  Apparently, many other people have been inspired to make a thankful for tree, as well. I definitely wasn’t the first so I can’t take credit for this. 🙂

Everyday of November, each person in the family would write on a leaf what they were thankful for.  Luke and Elle’s responses were always entertaining.  Luke was thankful for God, IPODs, Daddy, His Bible, Wii, Baseball, etc., but my favorite response was My Mommy’s cooking. Elle each day would say Mommy or Daddy but one day she said Kitty-Kat.  This little girl love animals!

As as I was packing up the Thankful tree making room for Christmas decor, I couldn’t help but chuckle at Mike’s response vs. my responses.  Mike’s leaves had things like “God,” “Erin,” “Luke,” “Elle,” “Salvation,” “A job”….you get the point.  My responses were barely legible on some leaves because I got so descriptive-“breakfast with my sweet children,” “a date night at home with my husband,” “Underserved Grace,” “Pumpkin Coffee and Pumpkin Scones,” “Green Smoothies,” “Salvation at an early age,” “Creation and All its Beauty,” “Growth in Wisdom of things of the Lord.” I’m not sure if this is a difference between Mike and Erin or Men and Women.  I’d be willing to guarantee it is Men and Women.  God is a unique designer!

The thankful tree will become a tradition in the Denny house.


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