Last Week’s Highlights

Sunday-Tree Trimming Party:

3 years ago, we started the tradition to make and eat finger foods while we trim the tree.

Pre-dinner Prayers.

Almost finished product. Still need to add a topper, snow, and a string of lights.

We always read the Christmas story after we decorate the tree.

Monday-Kitchen Helpers

Elle is such a Momma’s girl.  She wants to be where I am.  Now she insists on cooking with me. She pushes a chair from the kitchen table and cozies up right next me.

Luke wanted to make his and Elle’s lunch.

Tuesday: Kangazoom

I took the kids to an indoor Jump place using a great deal I got off Groupon. Elle was HI-larious!  She would climb  to the top of the slide and go down all by herself.  Then repeat it.  Over and over and over and over and over…..well, you get the point.

Wednesday:  Chick-Fil-A

Luke had play practice that morning then I had a meeting a church Wednesday evening.  Since we had such a busy day with  A LOT of time spent in the car, I decided to do a little Christmas shopping then take the kids to the mall food court for dinner.  Per usual, Luke wanted to trade his toy in for Chick-Fil-A icecream.  He went up to the counter and did it all by himself while I watched from a distance.  I even heard him say Please and Thank you!

Thursday: New Schedule

Mike started his new schedule on Monday.  It definitely has its pros and cons.


  • I have help in the morning to knock something off my to do list right away.
  • My days seems longer so I am accomplishing much more.
  • We get a quiet dinner alone almost every night.

Definitely, not as bad as I was expecting.


  • I’ve already had to turn down invites out since I have noone to watch the kids in the evening.  Including, Kari Jobe coming to Chapelhill on Thursday night.  I LOVE Kari Jobe!  I’m so disappointed to miss her!
  • Our nights are super short-working on OmniPrint is pressed for time so there is very little or no time most evening for any relaxing.

But that is ok!  Luke LOVES it because Daddy plays football with him every morning.  I couldn’t help but snap pictures of them “stretching” before their game.

Friday: Luke’s Christmas Play

Luke was the “Wise Looking Child” in his Christmas Play for our homeschool co-op, “A Christmas Gift.”

It was nothing short of fidgeting, some nose picking, and not standing exactly where he should but he was cute-that’s all that matters to this momma!  This was my favorite: He would stand to watch the scene on the other side of the stage instead of sitting like he was suppose to.

They sang 6 songs.

Luke’s one line….wait for it! “Wise Men”

Elle wasn’t very interested and at one point she bolted towards the stage saying, “Brudder! Brudder!”

Fun week!  And the best part was a very relaxing weekend followed. Mike and I even got to see a movie-our first one together in nearly 2 years!  We were making fun of ourselves because we felt like kids in a candy store from the sights, smells, and sounds of a real movie theater!


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  1. Julie Nichols says:

    Hmm. That sanctuary looks familiar!!.

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