Turkey Weekend Highlights

I’m in a rush to get a workout in before nap time is over but I wanted to post our Thanksgiving pictures……

We had a really great time with family.  That’s why I love Thanksgiving so much.  It’s only about family and food-very little stress.  Of course, sometimes my Type A personality finds ways to makes things stressful when they shouldn’t be and should just relax and enjoy.  I’m still leaning on the Lord for help with that, though! Because I found ways to get frazzled and stressed this weekend-mainly in preparation and coming home.  🙂

Here are our Thanksgiving highlights:

3 Little Turkeys.  I made these shirts for the kids out of scrap fabric and old t-shirts.

Elle came into contact with a stone step Thanksgiving morning.  By Thanksgiving evening, she was looking more like Rudolf than a turkey-my smart little girl already knows which holiday comes next!

Family Hike


Luke’s first campfire smore (aka non microwave smore).

Twinsies.  Never could get a decent picture.  Elle kept throwing off her brand new headband!

Luke had a fun time playing with everyone’s ipods and iphones this weekend.

Fun weekend!  We missed Pam, Britney, and Jessica!!

We got home Saturday night and spent Sunday making a Costco run and decorating for Christmas.  I’m sure Christmas decor pictures will appear soon.

Oh, and Mike started his new hours today.  Please pray for him and our family as we adjust to this transition.

Hope everyone had a very blessed Thanksgiving!


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Happily Married with 2 Wonderful Children.
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