Full Life

Full Life. We’ve definitely been experiencing a full life here in the Denny household.  I would much rather use the term full than busy.  To me, Busy conveys being stressed, frazzled, and overly involved in things you’d rather not do.  A full life describes our many visits, dinners, and play dates with friends.  Luke’s involvement in our homeschool group’s Christmas play.  I’ve been studying Beth Moore’s Breaking Free with a great group of ladies from the church.  As well as, I’ve joined the women’s ministry team.  I’ve also just started working with Doors to Freedom to help raise awareness and financial support for the ministry here in the Atlanta area.  Business has been steady which is a huge blessing for us this time of the year.  Mike has been working a little longer hours in preparation for his new position beginning after Thanksgiving. Not to mention, menu planning and cooking, dabbling in homeschooling, cleaning, paying bills, raising two disciples, and the little organizational bug that bit me a few weeks ago and is still going strong. Full.  Definitely, full.

I’ve managed to snap a few pictures along the way, though.

Sunday, we went hiking with our friends to the top of Kennesaw Mountain.

And no, that is not me.  That is my friend, Sherry, and her daughter, Ivy Bree.  We are always confused for each other.

The colors were so saturated. Unfortunately, the haze prevented the camera from capturing the city. Wish I would have gotten a picture with our dinner companions Sunday night….the Schrock’s were in town so we met them at Mellow Mushroom.  It was great to see them!

I realized tonight I haven’t had 2 consecutive nights at home all month which is rather absurd to me.  I guess that’s why I’m feeling rather relaxed tonight.  Last night, I was a little under the weather so the kids and I cuddled on the couch to 1 of the 5 channels we receive (Haha!)-PBS.

Elle is getting quite a head full of curls.  Hard to believe she is my daughter.

Tonight after dinner, we played with play dough.

The biggest kid. 🙂

Luke and Elle wanted a nose too.

Daddy to the rescue.

Now, you need a nose, Mommy!

I see a little somethin’ somethin’ in the corner of her mouth…..Playdough snack!  1 1/2 year-olds.

Twas’ 2 nice evenings spent with the people I love the most.

 Full life.  Wouldn’t have it any other way.

PS.  Right now at 9 pm, Luke is down here eating whole wheat pasta.  He was crying about how hungry he was while in bed so I finally told him he could finish his dinner.  All we had left was the pasta from our Cod Scallopine. Just now, he asked for Cheerios. Maybe, he is finally going through a growth spurt.  Of course, his meal wasn’t short of made up songs, scripture quoting, time telling, and stories. Hahaha!  I love being a Mom!


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