Mountain Cabin

We got away to a darling mountain cabin this weekend.

The best part of this cabin?  It was only 50 yards from my parent’s house!

My dad and mom built a guest house almost a year ago and this was the first time we’ve stayed in it.  It was so nice and comfy.  Only wish, my children were in the main house with Pop and Mimi. 🙂

Adam, Laura, and Ruth vacationed at my parents this past week so we met them up there for the weekend. I’ve missed these little cheeks so much!!

One of the greatest blessings is how much my family enjoys being together.  We ate, played games, went to an apple orchard, watched football, walked the property, had deep conversations, and lots of laughs….there will be those when my Dad, Adam, and I are together.

Apple Orchard

We found Luke taking it all in.  This is so rare for him!  I guess that’s why he was thankful for mountains tonight when we were making our leaves for our Thanksgiving tree.

Aunt Laura joined him.

Full hands.  Full heart.

Luke getting some wisdom. 🙂

Hubba Hubba Smokehouse

This BBQ changed my life!!  If you are ever near Flat Rock, NC, check this place out!

The best part about Mimi and Pop’s is lots of love, hugs, and kisses….

And Dinner and Nick Jr. (Such a treat since we don’t have cable!)

Sunday Afternoon Walk

These are a few photos I forgot to include in my original post.  But the fall colors are too pretty not to add them.

Now I just have to figure out how I can drop the kids off at Mimi and Pop’s then go hide with their Daddy in that little Mountain Cabin for a couple days without them knowing we are only 50 yards away!


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One Response to Mountain Cabin

  1. Angie Hardegree says:

    Love the pics Erin! Love reading your blogs and seeing all of your pictures. It is a storybook of your life! Love see pics of the cabin! Your mom and Dad did a great job of decorating it as ususual!!!! The picture of Elle, Luke, and Ruth is so cute sitting in the field! It reminds of the pic of you, Adam and Sarah laying in the field when we went hiking when you all were little. Thanks for sharing!!! Love , Aunt Angie

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