We went to a Harvest Festival on Halloween this year with some friends because like I’ve said I’m a Halloween Scrooge.  

I bet you can’t guess what Luke went as.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Braves Baseball Player, Brain McCann.

I could never get a good picture of him looking at the camera because he was in constant throwing or batting mode. He lived up to the part!

Yes, he is hilarious!

Elle went in her pumpkin clothes.  First, because I want to get the most wear out of them before she outgrows them.  But mainly, I ran out of time to make her the owl costume I was planning on.

They played lots of games, received lots of candy, jumped on jump castles, and got their faces painted.

(Luke and his friend, Kayden!)

We also rode a hayride.

(Poor Elle like her Momma, and always closing her eyes.)

I have to admit, although, we had a great time with friends, it was in the back of my mind how we were hiding from Halloween. Hiding from making a difference and shining our lights in our community. Halloween is the one time of year everyone in your neighborhood is out.  Yet, we turn off the lights, close the curtains, and leave the house!  I just never feel comfortable with it-every year. Even as we were pulling out of the driveway Monday evening, I mentioned it to Mike.  My spirit felt so unsettled.

That night after we tucked our little pumpkin and baseball player in, I got on facebook and saw a blog a friend wrote (you can read it here).  My spirit immediately jumped for joy after I read it. She tells how her family decided to shine on Halloween this year. So after discussing it with Mike, we both think it be a great way to celebrate Halloween next year-by being a light rather than hiding and teaching our children to the joy of serving!

I say all this not to condemn anyone on how you celebrate Halloween.  God convicts us all differently.  This is just how our family feels we should celebrate. John McMacArthur’s said it best in his sermon entitled “The Christian Response to Halloween,” “Ultimately, Christian participation in Halloween is a matter of conscience before God. Whatever level of Halloween participation you choose, you must honor God by keeping yourself separate from the world and by showing mercy to those who are perishing. Halloween provides the Christian with the opportunity to accomplish both of those things in the gospel of Jesus Christ. It’s a message that is holy, set apart from the world; it’s a message that is the very mercy of a forgiving God. What better time of the year is there to share such a message than Halloween?”  So in the coming year, I’m planning on hitting up the drugstore sales to stock up on King-Size Candy Bars for next year’s celebration!

I can’t help but think of the parting words my Mom gave me every time till her death, “Let your light shine!”  I pray my family’s light will shine brightly.  Not for show. Not to boost our Christian pride.  But humbly, so that He may be known!


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