U and V are for

There aren’t too many activities to do with the letter U and V.

The week we worked on the letter U fell on a busy week for us so Luke got his pages complete for his ABC book and worked some in his workbook.  But honestly, that was over a month ago so I don’t remember what we did.

Umbrella and U Memory Verse

Vase and V Memory Verse

I started making up a song for Luke’s memory verse this week.  I wish I had done this all along.  I would hear him singing his memory verse throughout the house all week long. He stills does, almost a month later.


Mike has a violin in the spare bedroom that rarely gets played so the kids and I took that out during V week.  We played with it and listened to classical music.  They had a blast dancing and fiddling with the violin.


We made an errupting volcano.  So fun!!

Speaking of school, I took Luke to a Classical Conversations Open House on Tuesday.  Classical Conversations is a homeschool program where your children go once a week and learn with a tutor and other children their age.  I was beyond impressed with the program!  I’m still reading and researching the classical method of learning but it makes a lot of sense to me.

Luke ready to go on Tuesday.

His book bag from Uncle Bud and Aunt Laura with his snack and show-and-tell.Elle ready to go with her new sparkly tweed baby Toms. 🙂  They have a nursery for the younger children since parents are required to stay with your children during class.

I was so impressed with how great Luke did at show-and-tell.  He presented his Braves book and told the class about his favorite sport and team.  He wasn’t shy a bit being around children he’d never met.

He was scratching his nose.  Promise.  🙂  At least this time, that was all he was doing!


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One Response to U and V are for

  1. Mike Hardegree says:

    I am SO glad you got that child (Luke) a haircut !!! Now he looks like a boy again ….

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