Weekend Highlights

Saturday morning, we wrapped up “Z” week at the zoo.  I had NO idea it was Boo at the Zoo.  I’m a Halloween Scrooge.  I’d rather just enjoy fall, pumpkins, changing leaves, apples, and hot tea without the celebration of Halloween.  I can just do without it.  So, needless to say I was slightly perturbed when we arrived at the zoo decorated for halloween and mini ghosts and goblins were scurrying through the parking lot making their way to the entrance.

The place was slammed!

But we persevered through and had a fun time.

We got to see the new baby giraffe!
I’ll share some more Zoo pictures in my “Z is for…” school post.  The one neat thing about being at Boo at the Zoo was all the activities they had for kids.  Everything was free since we are members.

Luke and Elle loved the Big Chalkboard table while jamming with the DJ.

Luke got to meet Curious George and Cat in the Hat.

Mike and I took turns taking the kids through a mini corn maze.

Not to mention, they came home with a bag full of candy and goodies.

I have to admit though, the best part of the zoo was leaving 😀 and enjoying a quiet picnic lunch in Grant Park.

 Sunday afternoon, we hit Goodwill. I haven’t gone to Goodwill in years but I have a little DIY project up my sleeve for Elle’s Christmas gift.  I could write a post alone about that trip and maybe I will someday. Two big items Mike and I have really been wanting to get were there!!  I was almost in tears on the way home because I felt like  God was showing me how much he cares-even about the little things.

Sunday night, I had the privilege of a great date night with my husband celebrating 8 years of marriage!

We had a groupon for a little Organic Thai restaurant so we enjoyed dinner there, and then headed to Cheesecake Factory to get pumpkin cheesecake for a little reminiscing, not to mention it’s amazing!

Mike and I ate at Cheesecake Factory in Scottsdale, Arizona on our honeymoon.  We loved that meal and have great memories there, and for our first anniversary, he surprised me with a weekend trip to Charlotte, NC and dinner at the Cheesecake Factory.  So  last night, we went to Cheesecake Factory and ordered the pumpkin cheesecake, just like we had on our honeymoon and our first anniversary.  They wrote “Happy Anniversary to you!!” on the plates.  It was a great start to the week having a date night on Sunday night!  Wish every week could start out like that. 🙂

The last highlight of the weekend is this stuff.

I don’t even like Kettle Corn but my in-laws introduced me to this snack from Costco.  Now that we have a membership, I finally broke down and purchased a bag on Thursday.  I enjoyed it all weekend.  It is amazing!  All moderation and intuitive eating goes out the door when I open a bag of this.

Hope everyone else had a great weekend!  Luke has a countdown for this weekend-4 days till we get to see Granddad, Grammy, Aunt Lisa, Alaina, and Anthony! Can’t wait!


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