I always thought a house full of boys would be fun!  I could handle boys, and I’d have fun toting them to sport practices, playing baseball in the house, wrestling, cooking LOTS of food, and there’d be no wedding to pay for!  🙂

But every morning I go into the room of my sweet little girl and I’m greeted with the biggest smile, my heart melts.  I pick her up give her a giant hug and kiss her soft chubby baby cheeks. “Thank you, Lord, for my little girl!”

Elle has been such a joy.  I can already tell she has such a sweet spirit but yet she is fiery!  She’s always been very obedient from the time she could understand simple instructions but if she doesn’t like her instructions, she is not afraid to tell me.

She adores her family. She is a momma’s girl. But her daddy has stolen her heart. The first person’s name she calls out after her morning diaper change is “Brudder, Brudder.”  Then the search for Luke begins.

Make-up, Curlers, hairbows, and jewelry are her favorite toys but daily she can be found playing in dirt and collecting treasures from the back yard in her Little Mermaid Sand Pail.  She is a lot like her mommy in that way-a little prissy but not afraid to get dirty!

Elle is growing up so fast.  She can chase and run after her brother now which makes for a great game of tag and lots of laughs between them. Her vocabulary is extending everyday.  The words she says the most clearly and often is, “Mommy, Daddy, Brudder, Hi, and More Please.”  She signs “more please” too.  It is quite adorable.  Other words we’ve heard her say are, “blue, book, look, bye, puppy dog, cat, Mimi, apple, house, brown blanket, owl, eye, nose.”

I can’t believe she is almost 18-months!  I’m so blessed and proud to be Elle’s mommy!!

I love you, Elle! And I’m so glad you are mine.


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Happily Married with 2 Wonderful Children.
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