Apples and Pumpkins

Lots of fall festivities have been happening around the Denny house the past few days.

Thursday, the kids and I went to a pumpkin patch with our new friends.

(Thank you to my friend, Sherry, for all these beautiful pictures!)

Friday night, we hosted a life group pumpkin carving party.

Luke and I made chicken chili with the fixings and gingerbread cookies with lemon icing.

Used the cookie scraps to spell the kid’s names.  Elle was impressed.

I had fun decorating the tables.

Pumpkin Carving Geniuses at Work.

Pumpkin Painting Geniuses.

Presenting the classic Southern Living Monogram (I bet you guess which couple’s that is? 😉 ), Elmo, and Cinderella on hormones with a fu-manchu and a unibrow.

Saturday, Marietta hosted their annual Harvest Festival.  We headed over there since we heard former Braves would be signing autographs. Upon arrival, we found out there was a charge for that part but the rest of the festival was free.  So Luke got to play games and jump in a jump castle so he didn’t seem to remember about the Braves players.

Then on Sunday, we headed to Blue Ridge, GA for apple picking and hiking.

We went to Mercier Orchards.  This place was impressive.  Thy have 50-something varieties of apples.  They took us on a hayride to the orchards. Then dropped us off in the middle of the orchards, and encouraged us to fill our bags and eat as many apples as we wanted while we were doing it.

Luke and Elle ran up and down the rows of apple trees laughing and munching on fruit.  These apples tasted amazing.

I’m sure our family consumed at least 12 apples just while picking.

10-12 lbs. of apples for $10 made for a fun family day AND lunch!!  Can’t get anymore budget friendly than that!

Nothing like resting on Daddy after a long morning of apple picking.

After picking, we headed for a hike to a waterfall.  My dad was obviously not the one who clocked the mileage on this hike. (Love you, Dad!) The book said it was a 2 mile hike but there was no way!  It might have been a 1/2 mile in and 1/2 my back. But none the less, it was good for the kids after spending the morning in the orchard.  And I got an extra .5 mile in or so because we realized we lost both of Elle’s shoes when we were almost to the end of the trail. 🙂  Do they actually make shoes that fit 2 year olds and under’s feet?

Shirtless Snack time.  Don’t ask! 🙂

After green smoothies for breakfast, apples for lunch, and few snacks we packed throughout the day, we had the best pizza on the way home from dinner.  Probably, just because we were starved but it was a great New York style pizza, our favorite.

And there are 20-something of the 252 pictures I snapped this weekend.  🙂


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One Response to Apples and Pumpkins

  1. Julie Nichols says:

    Glad ya’ll went to Merciers. Fun, isn’t it. I just went with Tyler on his field trip today to Ruby Falls. You guys would LOVE it. It’s in Chatanooga, about 1.5 hours away. You ride an elevator about 260 feet down into a cave, it’s about a 1/2 mile hike through the cave until you come to the most beautiful natural waterfall you’ve ever seen. Then a 1/2 mile hike back out. Beautiful views of God’s creation!

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