T is for…..

I haven’t been posting our “school time” lately, and I miss it!  We’ve been faithfully doing school 3 days a week along with our everyday learning.  I’m always looking for opportunities to teach my children so that happens everyday.

We completed the letter “T” in August so yes, we are a little behind.  I hope to catch up on all my “school time” blogs in the next couple of weeks because the kids and I have so much fun during that time.  These blogs will be great to look back and remember all the fun projects we did together.

So without further ado…

Trumpet and “T” Memory Verse

Pages for Luke’s ABC book.

Tire Tracks

Cars + Trucks +Paint + Butcher Block Paper = Fun!  (I think we did  4 or 5 sheets that day!)

Tree, Family Tree

This was a fun project!  We got to talk about how God gives us families and being in the family of God too.


We spent 2 days on teeth.  Because my son is always asking me questions about teeth…how many teeth do we have?  What is the hard part called?  What are the big giant teeth?  How many teeth does a pig have?…… Future Dentist, maybe??? 🙂

I know what you are thinking, “He is 3, Erin. Really?”  We went to a homeschooling expo a few months ago, and the greatest piece of advice I got for teaching a child like Luke is “Do not try to push your child ahead, but go deep with your child.”  So I thought instead of coloring a tooth, we’d color the parts of the tooth.  Luke was very engaged and enjoying it.

Reading Material

Hands on instruction time.  🙂


Luke constantly wants to know what time it is and asking questions about telling time.  So we worked on telling time by playing Time Bingo.  (Don’t let the picture fool you, he is having a fun!  He didn’t want to stop playing so I could snap his picture. He was protesting.)


Luke made and painted a train using an old egg carton.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of the finished product.

In addition to the “T” activities, we are also working through several workbooks.  This is Luke’s favorite part of school time. Sometimes I wonder if the crafts are more for me than him.  Haha!  Hopefully, Elle will like the crafts someday.

Grilled  Southwestern Tuna Salad

Last night’s dinner.  So yummy!  I’m pretty sure I caught my husband drinking the Cilantro Honey Lime Dressing.  Super Easy and so fast!  I will post the recipe tomorrow.


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