The Easy Life: Renting

We had such a relaxing morning at home today.  Mike made his Sunday pancakes, and then we propped our feet up and read in the front of the fireplace with a great cup of Joe while the kids played.

I spent my time this morning on my new obsession Pinterest. I must admit, I was drooling over home decor and design projects-dreaming of painting, ripping up floors, adding moldings, tearing out tubs, replacing countertops, redesigning our deck, etc.  I’ve always loved interior design.  In fact, I wanted to pursue an interior design degree in college but my dad convinced me to get a business degree so I could be versatile.  If money wasn’t an object, I’d always be redesigning an area of our home.

But now there is another small obstacle in the mix, okay big obstacle.  We are renting the house we are currently in. There is not much you can do with a home you don’t own.  And if there is, you don’t want to spend your money designing it only to be forced to move when your lease is up.

However, yes, for me there is so much joy and satisfaction that comes in decorating a home BUT we’d have a lot less free time.  Since, we don’t own this home we don’t want to spend our weekends on improvement projects, have yard maintenance, a lot of home maintenance, etc.  We are definitely more free to enjoy the time when we aren’t working.  And for this season in our life, it is nice!!  We are having so much fun as a family.

So after our lazy morning (By the way, we go to church on Saturday nights),  we took advantage of our extra free time and headed out for a new hike.  This hike was about 15 minutes from the house.  It’s so nice being surrounded by so many trails to do one of our family’s favorite activities, hike!!

We hiked the Cochran Shoals loop, today.  The weather was perfect fall weather-crisp and cool in the shade and warm in the sun!

We mainly did a brisk walk today with a little bit of jogging in there.  But a lot of stops to take pictures of my beautiful subjects.

My favorite picture of the day-my Little Miss Priss.

We made a stop on the Chattahoochee too.
What an absolutely gorgeous day!!!  We got 4 miles completed.

Then headed to Costco.  We are thinking about joining again.  My grocery bill keeps climbing, and I can’t seem to stay in my $100 weekly budget (groceries, hygiene, household, cosmetics, and diapers).  The rising prices of food is definitely a problem but the sheer amount of produce we consume in this house is too.  I’ve been buying 5-6 lbs. of bananas, 6 bags of spinach, 1 bag of kale, 2 bags of lettuce, 1 bag of carrots every week.  This doesn’t even include the extra fruit and veggies we eat, and we eat a lot of those per week too.  I get what I can find on sale whether it is pineapple, pears, apples, strawberries, blueberries, green beans, asparagus, etc.  But the bananas, spinach, kale, lettuce and carrots are staples in our house.  We are thinking Costco might be the way to go to save money on our produce, meat, and some baking staples.  Anyone else have any experience? We decided not to purchase a membership today and do a bit more research.  So I’d love to hear anyone else’s experiences with wholesale clubs and their grocery budgets.

After Costco, we came to a home that smelled of lemon, wine, herbs, and chicken.  I threw some ingredients in the crockpot before we left inspired by a crockpot recipe I found on pinterest and our favorite chicken dish, chicken scallopine.

It was really fabulous and so easy!  I will share it soon!

It was another great weekend-today’s hike and yesterday’s trip to the fair!!  And Mike and I were talking how we don’t think so many weekends like this would be possible if we owned this house and had yard work, home improvement projects, etc.  So even though I miss decorating a home of my own, I’m relishing this season of freedom with my sweet family.


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3 Responses to The Easy Life: Renting

  1. Jessica says:

    Love!! That pic of Elle is stunning, but all the pics are so great! Love your blog friend!!

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