Inside the Fair Gates

We were early risers here at the Denny house this morning.  Saturdays, we usually sleep in or rather hang out in bed till 8:30 or 9 and relish our mornings without alarms at 5 am (for Mike) and 6:30 (for me).  But this morning we were up at 7:15 starting to get showers, dressed, pack a diaper bag, make breakfasts, pack snacks and sippy cups, check the weather to see if we dressed right, etc., etc.  There is much work involved in taking our young family on an outing.  But what outing would be worth the early wake up call?

The Fair for Free!!!!

Our local fair offered free admission and rides from 10am-11am this morning.  So Luke rode all the rides he wanted for an hour!!

Elle I did a lot of hanging our and watching “Brudder,” as she affectionately calls Luke.

But then she got to join in on the fun!

After the hour of free rides were cut off, we headed to the petting zoo.

Can you tell Elle loves animals?

Because inside the fair gates calories don’t count nor is there a proper order or time to eat nor does the source of  the food matter, the family partook of this goodness:

Cotton Candy.

“Brother, are you sure we can eat cotton? You try it first.”

Mexican Corn.

Corn Dog.

Pizza (for the Kids per Luke’s request.)

And last but not least, an Elephant Ear.

I told Mike as we were leaving, thank goodness the fair is not an all-inclusive resort because if I didn’t have to purchase the food I’d try the Philly cheesesteak, loaded potato fries, and gyro too!

It’s so rewarding and fun having kids being able to relive special events, like the fair, through their eyes!  I have great memories going to the fair with my grandparents, brother, dad, aunt, and cousins as a kid.  But I must admit, it is much better the second time around-living these moments through Luke and Elle’s eyes.


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