Eat, Sleep, Play Baseball

Luke is an avid baseball fan, particularly a Braves fan.

  • Everything turns into a baseball game. Yes, even meal time.  Will the meat or the broccoli get a home run by getting in his belly first.  (He made this one up!)
  • He knows all the player’s names and numbers.  As well as, all the players and numbers on the opposing team.
  • He listens to the games  on the radio when he goes to bed every night.
  • He wakes up every morning asking about the Braves.  This morning was, “Mommy, did the Cardinals or the Phillies win?  We really need the Braves to get that Wild Card slot for the playoffs.”  I’m not joking.
  • He knows a typical Braves line up. And calls it out with enthusiasm.
  • He is always the Braves in ANY game we are playing.  Yes, even Chutes and Ladders.
  • He is constantly in batting or throwing form when we are hanging around the house. Currently, he is calling out each player by name, position, number, then cheering.  Just like the announcers do at the game.
  • I’ve been called Dan Uggla far too many times. 🙂
  • The only movie he will sit still for is the baseball movie, “The Perfect game.”
Obsessed just might be an understatement. 

A few months ago I heard that they let children run the bases at Turner Field after the games on Sundays.  I knew Luke would LOVE to do that so we finally made it out for the last Sunday home game of the season yesterday.

I’m not sure who was more excited about being on Turner Field-Mike or Luke.

Luke running the bases.  (I just had my camera video and every time I tried to focus the video got blurry so you can’t see him very well.)

He got free shirt and the back says “I ran the bases at Turner Field.”

And a certificate

It is so neat they do this for the kids for free!  Of course, you end up paying $40 for a family of 4 (where one little one is still free) to go to the game.  That’s for the cheapest seats, and we even bring our own snacks.  It was definitely worth it, though!

Other highlights…

The Braves Dugout

Singing  “Take Me Out to the Ballgame”

Elle Tomahawk Chomping

Luke will have all the information in this book memorized by tomorrow.

Just to prove I was there.  This was the best out of 6 pictures the 3 of us tried to take. 🙂

Twas’ a fun family day!  


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2 Responses to Eat, Sleep, Play Baseball

  1. SimplyMom says:

    ok now THAT is cool! I’d want to do that too!! haha Looks like you guys might have to save up for 2012 season tickets. 🙂

  2. dennyfamily says:

    I wish. I’d LOVE to have season tickets but I don’t think that is even in the budget of saving up for. 🙂 I wanted to get out there and run them too! You guys come next season, and we’ll all go to the game then take the kids to run the bases.

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