Pigtails, Purple Toes, and Postcards

I think this is the longest I’ve been since I started this blog without posting.  Life has been busy!!!  I hope to have time to catch everyone up soon but for now I just wanted to share.


Elle is quite the little girly girl!  She is right next to me the minute my make-up comes out, and she loves playing with her baby dolls.

Purple Toes

She giggles when I paint her cute little toes.  Unfortunately, she loves them so much she ends up smudging them, and they look like this. 🙂


Luke and Elle were both so excited to get postcards from Granddad and Grammy Tuesday afternoon.  Luke read his word for word and Elle was fascinated with the butterfly cutout in her card.  She kept sticking her finger through then her nose, her eye, and then of course her tongue!  They both found that to be hilarious!  Thank you Grammy and Grandad!  We love and miss you!!


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Happily Married with 2 Wonderful Children.
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One Response to Pigtails, Purple Toes, and Postcards

  1. Mike Hardegree says:

    LOve Elle’s pigtail’s!!! What a cutie she is – just glad she didn’t take after her Pop!

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