Birthday Cake

Mike came home 2 weeks ago bearing a grocery bag full of 8-10 various kinds of peppers excited for me to make our favorite homemade salsa.  I love homemade salsa but I knew how much work it’d be to make and can enough salsa to use all those peppers.  But because of love for my amazing husband, I said, “Oh good, babe!”

So you can imagine my surprise when 2 days later he came home and set another full grocery bag of peppers on our kitchen counter!  “More peppers for salsa!”  “Oh, wow!  OK.”

I knew with all these peppers, it’d be an all day affair to make and can enough salsa to use up the peppers.  Everyday another project comes my way.  But this morning, I woke up and decided today was the day.

So I got working on Mike’s birthday cake! That’s right, a salsa birthday cake. 🙂

All the peppers seeded and ready to be added to the food processor including onions, garlic, lime, and cilantro:

6 hours later, I have 16 quarts of salsa and  one amazing salsa birthday cake for my husband!

This will be the birthday cake that’ll keep on giving all year long.


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Happily Married with 2 Wonderful Children.
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3 Responses to Birthday Cake

  1. Jessica says:

    Love it. And jealous that your windows are open!!! Miss you guys…3 weeks!!

    • dennyfamily says:

      Mike would argue the windows shouldn’t be open. It’s currently 83 degrees in my house. But it feels great at night and in the morning! Especially with our attic fan. 🙂

  2. dennyfamily says:

    oh yes, and i CANT WAIT for 3 weeks!!!!

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