Happy Birthday, Numero Uno Padre!

We all have had a round of the stomach flu this week but are all on the road to recovery today.  Unfortunately, while puking and cleaning up other’s messes I didn’t even recall what day it was.  So tonight, as I’m catching up on work emails I realized I missed the greatest father in the world’s birthday! (Adam used to call him “Numero Uno Padre” growing up.  Hints the title.)

Yep, this is the greatest father in the world!! Why you ask?

He got up at 5 am every morning to make our lunches of cashew butter and honey on raisin bread with carrot sticks and a yogurt just so we wouldn’t have to eat unhealthy school lunches.

Every night, we’d crawl into his bed, snuggle on the covers, and he’d read us a bible story.  We’d go through the Psalms and mark music notes on scripture songs and sing them aloud together.

Several times a month, we’d hike.  Yes, he might only have brought trail mix and oranges to sustain us for the 5 mile hike but none the less, we always had a good time! PS. He usually filled us up with a great big omelette and dinner at McGuffey’s on the way home.

The hard days as a teenager, my dad always was  so quick to sit me on the couch, wrap his arms around me, and PRAY for me!

While we were still sleeping in the morning and the smell of coffee filled my room, I knew my dad was faithfully downstairs every morning spending time with Jesus and praying for us. That had the greatest impact on my life!

He is corny.  He always makes me laugh. Have you seen his dances?

He made my teenage years fun!  He and Mom loved hanging out with my friends and me taking us to dinners and movies.  I even remember their roles in a few pranks we did. 🙂

He gracefully handled every “girl moment” that’d arise growing up since we were without a lady in the house from age 7 to almost 14.

He is a great Pop to my children.  Elle adores him just like I did at that age! This weekend as soon as Luke saw him, he ran screaming, “Poppy, I love you!”  (And to think, he didn’t even had an electronic device in his hands. Ha!)

On a camping trip, Adam and I wanted smores so bad.  We’d never had one.  So my dad got smores pop tarts to roast over the fire.  I distinctly remember him saying, “These will be easier.”  Bless his heart!

He is full of wisdom.  If ever Mike and  I have a question about anything, we always think of him.

He curled my hair.  Yes, the man curled my hair!  After my mom died, he took over curling my hair in the morning till I learned to do it myself.

He married my mom.  Both of them.  2 of the best decisions he has ever made!  God gave me awesome moms!

He created so many fun childhood memories for us from boats to hikes to the lakehouse to nights in watching Full House with Cozenia’s pizza.  I had a very blessed, memorable childhood thanks to him!

We only ate out at Picadilly and Ryan’s. No, not for the fried food goodness.  A veggie plate a Picadilly and the salad bar at Ryan’s.  He always had getting our bellies full of veggies as a top priority.

He has always given out generously the words “I love you,” and “I’m proud of you.” He still does to this day!

See, I told you guys he is the greatest father!!!

Here’s to you, Dad! I love you so much!!!


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3 Responses to Happy Birthday, Numero Uno Padre!

  1. Julie Nichols says:

    Happy Birthday to Mike! I remember him curling your hair every morning. What a great dad. I remember one time he brought you guys over to swim in our pool and made sandwiches for everyone. He had this hearty bread and lots of veggies (even sprouts) on the sandwiches. They were the most delicious sandwiches I had ever eaten.

  2. erin that is a precious birthday present for you dad. you certainly were blessed to have that strong foundation.

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