Family Time

My entire family gets together once a year since Pam, Brittany, and Jessica live in Texas.

Last weekend was that time so we made another trip to Charleston.  We left a day early because Mike and I had errands we needed to run around the area.  The festivities started Saturday morning with family pictures.

This has to be my favorite picture of the day.  Aren’t they 2 of the most handsome guys you’ve ever seen?

One of the errands I had on Saturday was a haircut and color so my hair is like totally extremely like blonde (yes, I’m speaking valley girl)…..will never highlight my hair again right before pictures. 🙂

My parents and their grandchildren.  (Hope to have at least 2 more by this time next year!)

The whole family.

My parents and their children and spouses.

After lunch and relaxing in the AC-thank you, Lord for air condition-we hit the beach!! PS-Atlanta feels like spring compared to Charleston’s summer.  Man, it is HOOTTT there!

Elle’s new do thanks to cousin, Kelsey, and the Charleston heat and humidity!

The babies loved the beach.

And so did Luke, thanks to Aunt Laura L.!!!

Then we headed back to Stephen and Laura’s for a shrimp boil and to celebrate Luke’s birthday…

and Pam, Brittany, and Jessica’s.

My family gave Luke a more elaborate birthday party which meant so much to him and I.  Since Luke’s birthday is Christmas day, we’ve tried to celebrate June 25th. This year we were in Charleston so we didn’t do that.  And now that we live in Atlanta with only a handful of friends, it’s hard to get everyone together around his half birthday due to vacations. Luke wanted an Atlanta Braves party so with the help of my dear friend, Jessica, we made him the cake.

Note to All-When making homemade fondant, ADD food coloring at the end!

My fabulous sister-in-law decorated her dining room in Braves colors and baseball theme.

Luke had a great family party!  He said to me today, “Mommy, I had so much fun at my party!” Thank you everyone so much for celebrating Luke for both him and I. 🙂

Sunday, we hung out at Stephen and Laura’s and on the boat.

Mike and I went tubing and tried to convinced Luke to join us but he wasn’t having it. He did enjoy driving the boat.

And going to see the Yorktown by boat.

What a fun weekend we had!  So thankful for family and the time we spend them-even it is little!



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