S is for….

Wow!  I can’t believe its been since April 19th when I posted about our “school” activities. I had all intentions of taking a 2 week break but a 2 week break turned into a 3 month break! For several reasons-

  1. Spring was too nice to be stuck indoors doing school things.
  2. Learning and Teaching happened but nothing was planned rather it was spontaneous.
  3. But mainly, I have come to the conclusion that the Lord is definitely leading us to homeschool for a season-however long it is.  I knew I’d be pouring my heart and time in it later when I really HAD to.  Honestly, right now I just want a breather before I HAD to do it.

But Luke has been asking to finish his ABC book, and in the past couple of weeks it has gotten quite HOT outside so I decided to start planning things again.  And gosh, I’ve enjoyed it!  Not only have I enjoyed researching and planning activities, teaching and spending time with Luke and Elle, but I’ve appreciated and enjoyed the structure in our home.  Structure makes my kids happy which prevents discipline problems which make me happy!

So we started back to the Letter S this week.

“S” Page for Luke’s ABC book and Memory Verse

Pages for Luke’s ABC book.  The “S” page is a stained glass made with tissue paper.

Sheep and Shephard

Using the kid’s handprints, we made sheep.  I really wasn’t happy with the craft.  It went in the trash.  I used white poms poms instead of cotton balls so they didn’t stick to the card stock right.  We kept using more glue to try to get the little boogers to stick but then it made the paper heavy and flimsy.  Once we finished glueing everything, I held up the craft to talk  about our story.  The whole craft just fell apart!  Oh well, you win some and loose some.  Wish I would have had that attitude at the moment.  I was quite frustrated. 🙂

We talked about Isaiah 53:6, and how we are like sheep and God is our shepard.  I told Luke God keeps pulling us back to him if we try to go leave him or wonder off from him.  He says, “Mommy!  I don’t want to God to pull me to him. I like living here with you, Daddy, and Baby Elle.”


We talked about sharing and then read the story “The Little Red Hen” off of Starfall.  Luke loves this site!

In this version of “The Little Red Hen” the hen makes muffins.  So afterwards, we made a couple of batches of Whole Wheat Banana Oat Muffins.

“S” Box

Elle’s S box included her memory verse on card, foam letters, a book on shapes, a shapes puzzles, and a few shiny things.  We talked about the these things and played with them while Luke was doing his work.

“S” Reads

ABC Memory Verse book, Sharing Makes Me Happy, My book of Shimmers, Sharks, S hide and seek.  I usually read the books to them while they are eating lunch or after lunch.

Swim Lessons

Luke took 2 1-hour swim lessons this week.  He has been so scared to get his face wet but this really helped!  He isn’t swimming, yet.  Obviously. But it has helped his fear. His teacher did a great job with him!

Suess, Dr. Suess

The plan was to swim after his lesson today but it was overcast and pretty cool so we only stayed for an hour.  When we came home, we talked a little about Dr. Suess and watched the Dr. Suess movie, Horton Hears a Whhooo?, while they had a picnic lunch.


Little man’s sleeping position last night. Couldn’t help myself and snapped a picture.

Spaghetti, Salad, and Smores

To wrap up “S” week, a spaghetti sauce is simmering on the stove for dinner tonight and smores are planned for dessert! Looking forward to a night in during the thunderstorms.


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