Happy Birthday America!

We had such a fun 4th of July weekend!

Adam, Laura, and Baby Ruth (AKA Cheeks)  joined us.

We went downtown on Saturday and hung out at the sprinklers, strolled around Cenntennial Park, and grabbed lunch.

Stroller for 2!

Relaxed and picnicked by the pool on Sunday.

Took a 3 mile hike on the 4th and played in the creek. (See Dad, we even hike without you? :D)

Elle was into it!

Ruth wasn’t having it.

Partook in our annual 4th of July meal: Lowcountry Boil! (Recipe coming soon because my sister-in-law makes the best!)

And my husband’s yummy Caramel Corn! (He is adding to his “Mike-Can-Make-Recipes!”)

And Adam and I were reminded we married nuts!  Of course, you’d have to be to marry us Hardegrees.

Mike and Laura preforming some patriotic number with the tv. (Yes, I need window curtains. A new paint color wouldn’t hurt either :D)

It stormed so we decided to catch the fireworks on tv instead of trying to take the kids out only to have the fireworks canceled.  It was a good choice.

Mike was impressed.  🙂

It was such a fun weekend just hanging out and relaxing together.

It was very bittersweet crawling into bed Monday might because I was sad such a fun weekend was over.  But we had a FABULOUS time!

I thought several times, I wonder if our mom can see her children and grandchidren having so much fun together?  I really believe the Lord allowed her to peek down and watch us this weekend. (Hebrews 12:1)


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