Father’s Day

We’ve had internet problems here recently:

  • Weak Signal
  • Router and Modem struck by Lightening
  • Power Outage

So I haven’t been able to update my blog much.  But I came across these pictures from Father’s Day and had to post them.  

Father’s Day we let Mike sleep in and then headed to The Flying Biscuit Cafe for Brunch with a restaurant.com coupon.  We had to wait awhile….

It was SO worth the wait, though. Just look at this menu! I couldn’t decide between The Cliffton Omelette, the Southern Scramble, or the Egg-Ceptional Eggs.  I ultimately ended up with the Cliffton omelette with egg whites because of my love for goat cheese.  Mike had the Piedmont Omelette.  I’m pretty convinced if I ever opened a restaurant this would be the type I’d open-gourmet, real, organic food with a Southern flair. The lunch/dinner menu was just as amazing.

After a delicious meal and a free Father’s Day cookie split 4 ways (We all agreed it was the best Peanut Butter cookie we’ve had), we headed for a 4.5 mile hike/jog on the Chatahouchee.

3/4 mile into a hike, we realized it wasn’t smart to eat so much before we came so we stopped at the creek for 20-30 minutes and let our food settle.

I was so glad the kids got wet because the hike was HOT so it kept them cool.  They both ended up falling asleep in the stroller-VERY rare!

We followed the hike up with a new froyo place-I think it is our new favorite, naps, the pool, and the quiet dinner alone with the one fabulous Dad!

Hope Mike enjoyed his fun, busy day honoring the Godly man and father he is!


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Happily Married with 2 Wonderful Children.
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