Happy 16th Birthday, Kelsey!

We made a trip home this weekend to help my beautiful niece, Kelsey, celebrate her 16th birthday!

I can’t believe Kels is 16!  When my parents first starting dating Kelsey was a brand new baby. I used to love babysitting her and her sisters when I was a teenager.  And Kelsey LOVED my make up! 😉  I remember baking a coconut cake with her one Christmas when she was around 4 0r 5.  She used to help me pick out my outfits.  I can’t believe she is 16!!

We celebrated her on Saturday, and we have a lot to celebrate!  Kelsey has grown into a beautiful young lady, both inside and out, with many Godly characteristics most of us hope to develop at an old age yet we all see them in her now. I’m so proud of her!

This wasn’t just any 16th birthday party.  It was a lovely celebration of who Kelsey is.  Her Mom and Dad sent out characteristics that they had each guests speak about at the party. Characteristics that we each see in Kelsey.  We all went around the room and talked to Kelsey about the things we see God has placed in her and encouraged her in those areas.

She had 2 of her close friends there, and I must say I was so touched by who they described Kelsey as.  We as her family see all the greatness God has placed in her but may not always see the true side of her.  Her friends do and  they described her as loyal, kind to everyone, loves everyone, trustworthy, etc.  I found myself tearing up several times because I’m so proud of who she is!

I must give props to her Mom and Dad, though.  Stephen and Laura are two of the greatest parents I’ve ever met.  I really mean that too!  As a young mom, Laura and my best friend, Jessica,  have been my greatest inspiration.  I’m so thankful God placed each one of those women in my life.  They both have influenced me as a young mother more than either one of them could ever understand.  Laura’s patience as a young mother always inspired me.  She was so good with each of her girls.  More than that, she let each one of them be who God made them and called them to be.  And let me tell you, each one of them is so different!  But most of all, I’ve always admired Stephen and Laura’s relationship and they way they’ve always worked together as parents. The thing I see the most, is they all enjoy being together and have fun together!  They’ve raised 3 fabulous girls and I’m so happy God has chosen them to raise 2 boys.  The world is seriously a better place because they truly are raising Kingdom Children!

Here are some highlights from Kelsey’s celebration:

Her cake!  It fits her perfectly!!!

Kelsey loves to paint and is very creative.  Her art teacher painted this picture for her with all the characteristics we spoke to Kelsey about.  Love it!!!

Kelsey and her friends make great use of the cake decorations. 😀

Skyler (AKA Sky High) presenting her word to her sister.

Family and Close Friends praying over Kelsey.

The girls, Elle and Ruth.

Cute little Family!

My word I presented was “Confidence.” I based it on Psalm 139.  But in the car on the way there, I taught Luke “I have Confidence” from the Sound of Music.  He sang it with eager enthusiasm along with his ABC’s in front of everyone.  He would have kept going if I let him.  Wish I would have gotten a video of it because it was so hilarious!

Happy Birthday Kelsey!  I love you and am so proud of you!

While we were home we also got to visit with Mike’s family and our friends.  We are so blessed!  I left Charleston so thankful for all the wonderful people God has placed in our lives.  We also went to church at Faith on Sunday, and as much as I LOVE Chapel Hill, I must say there is no place like home!!

Several times, I was asked, “How is Atlanta?”  I’m never sure exactly how to answer that question.  Because it is good but a big part of me desires for God to bring us back there one day.  So I find myself answering, “It is really good! I’m enjoying this season.”  Because I really am.  God is so good to us!


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