We Love Our Daddy!

Happy Father’s Day to Our Daddy!


You are my hero.  I love every moment I get to spend with you.  God blessed me with the greatest blessing when he gave me you as my Daddy.  I know I will grow up confident, secure, yet humble and meek just like you because you are my Daddy.  I will be a Godly and loving husband and father because I had you as my example.

Daddy, I love going to Braves games with you.  Of course, you know this since I ask you everyday when we are going to go again.  Thank you for swimming in Fellowship pool with me, reading me stories, taking me to Chuck E Cheese and Yoforia, playing golf with me, pushing me in the swing.  There are so many things you do for me, and I’m so thankful.

I think my wish at the mall fountain yesterday sums up my love and appreciation for you so much.  I threw the penny in and outloud said, “I wish I could go to work with Daddy so I could be with him all the time.”

I love you Daddy!  And I’m so glad I look just like you.  Boy, am I lucky! 😉



I know I can’t say that much, yet.  But I say so much with my smile and eyes.  As soon as you walk in the door from work, my eyes get big and bright.  I begin squealing and clapping and make my way to you as fast as my hands and knees will let me.  Sometimes, the sound of the garage door opening proclaiming your arrival is enough to get me dancing.

Daddy, I love your kisses and hugs, and how you always call me sweetheart and gorgeous.  God blessed me tremendously when he gave me you as my Daddy.  You are a Godly husband and father that consistently displays your love for God, my mommy, and me.  My husband one day has a lot to live up too! 🙂

Thank you for holding me, kissing me, reading to me, putting up with my random squeals, pushing me in my swing, carrying me, playing with me, and most of all just loving me and being around me.

I love you, Daddy!

Your Sweetheart, Elle xoxoxo


What can I say?  Everyday I feel more blessed that God gave me you as my husband and the father to our children.  Luke, Elle, and I are beyond blessed to have you.  And honestly, I don’t think 1500 words could describe how thankful I am for you so I will not try.  You are the GREATEST gift God ever gave me!

I love you so much!!!!




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