Mike is working so I thought I’d update….

It was more of a ladies hangout night which was great.  I got to talk to homeschool moms and pick their brains about curriculums, co ops, etc. I really, really enjoyed it!!  All the ladies were super nice and easy to talk to.

I’m actually excited about this avenue, rather than dreading this enormous responsibility.  Mike and I have a lot of things to discuss and pray about still.

The nice thing about Atlanta is homeschooling is VERY common here.  Every other person I seem to meet homeschools so I have a lot of resources and options. The group I met with tonight actually does weekly classes, parties, field trips, etc.  They are even doing a field day tomorrow for the kids. So I don’t feel like my children will be missing out the social aspect of it if we end up going this route.

All in all, I was encouraged!  And thankful I met my neighbor, Christy, who homeschools her 4  children and is a wealth of information.

And I didn’t even need to go find a pressed, pleated khaki skirt to fit in. 🙂


I really enjoy listening to podcasts.  Its one of my new favorite things to do when I’m doing chores.   Recently, I’ve listened to Craig Groeschel’s Weird series.

The three things I’ve taken away from the series is:

  • It is good to be weird because normal isn’t working.
  • Everyone’s weird will be different.
  • Own your weird.

He says normal is broke, divorced, unhappy, etc.  So who wants to be normal when you can be weird?  He bases the series on  Matthew 7:13, 14.

My dad always encouraged us to be weird-to put off immediate satisfactions for greater pleasures in the future.  He lived that.  I’m thankful for his example.

This series reinterated that to me-it is okay-even good-to be weird.

I’m doing something really weird tonight.  I’m going out with a bunch of women I don’t know.  And they are homeschool moms at that!!  It’s WEIRD!!!

Why am I going out with homeschooling women-women I don’t even know?  First of all, my friends are very few in the area. 🙂  But mainly, I feel like God has been leading to me to explore homeschooling. Mike and I have talked about it a lot, and he agrees. It’s still so weird to us!  We were the people who said we would do public school only.  We would never send our kids to private school.  Much less, Homeschool!!  So weird.

I’ve always seen homeschool moms as women who wear pleated khaki skirts to their ankles, braided their long locks to their rear, no make-up, and a super quiet spirit. None of those things are bad, they are just not me.  I’ve seen their children being socially awkard so much so that you could point them out in a group of kids as soon as you walked into a room.

So, why would I want that for my children?  Well, I really feel like they don’t have to be that way.  Its all behind the motivation of why you are homeschooling them and how you are doing it.

God has been dealing with me about exploring home schooling since Luke was under 1. It was so weird though, that I’ve never mentioned to many people other than my husband.  I knew some of my closest friends and family would shoot me down immediately if I ever talked about it. I’m sort of a people pleaser.  Its a trait I’m working on. 🙂

But I’ve decided to try to own my weird. (Notice I said, TRY. Yes, it is still so weird to me that I’m still in the process of convincing myself.) My weird is God calling me to explore home schooling . Tonight should be interesting to say the least.  What is your weird?


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9 Responses to Weird

  1. Jessica says:

    You have my full support! If anyone can do this YOU can. I know that Luke and Elle will be well rounded and weird in the ways of the Lord!!

  2. Annie Overman says:

    I love it! I have some good friends who homeschool and they make it look SO appealing! Their kids are amazing and their family and home lives are so blessed by it. I am so in awe of women who are together enough to do it, and you are SO one of those women! You are practically doing it already. Dare I say this is something that you may not have been so open to if you weren’t in Hot-lanta? God is good and He has great things planned for your family. And Tim Tebow was home schooled.. Just sayin’

  3. Aron says:

    I think you will do amazing Erin with homeschooling your children! I always felt that is where you will go with your children. You do amazing things with them already! Luke probably needs that, he might not be challenged enough in a public or private school! You can challenge him at home. Move at his pace! Will be praying for you hard as you approach this journey of your life!

    • dennyfamily says:

      Thank you so so much, Aron! I need it!! We definitely feel this will be best for Luke so he can move at his own pace. But I will admit, this is hard for me. Honestly, I don’t want to do it. But I want what God wants me to do. I just really feel pulled in this direction.

  4. laurahardegree says:

    i don’t know any family members that would shoot you down about homeschooling. i know if anyone could do it you can. you have already done so much with luke and elle. with all luke’s gifts he will need that one on one attention and you have the discipline and drive to push him. you are an amazing mom and will make the tough decisions and sacrifices for your children to help them reach their full potential. i love you and hope you never feel discouraged from us.

    • dennyfamily says:

      Well, I just meant ask me lots of question and not be exactly thrilled with the idea. I’ve already had a few of those responses but its okay. Thanks so much for your support, Laura. Love you! And no worries, I won’t be making/wearing t-shirt dresses. 🙂

  5. laurahardegree says:

    ps- if you start making/wearing t-shirt dresses then we will talk 🙂

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