Lions and Tigers and Bears




Oh My!!! 4 Busy Boys

And 1 Sweet Little Girl visited the Atlanta Zoo today.

It was busy but it was GREAT fun!!!

We started with a game plan.

The highlights were…

The birdhouse

Ben or Sam trying to catch one.

Elle was enthralled with the birds.


The Petting Zoo.

The Giraffes and Zebras

And these little animals….

Our favorites were the Pandas but our camera battery died before we got there. But it is ok, we bought a family pass so we’ll be back many times.  It made sense since 2 visits to the zoo would pay for 1 family pass.  Looking forward to going back and visiting the Pandas again.

Loving spending time with our great friends.  Gosh, I’ve missed them!!!!


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Happily Married with 2 Wonderful Children.
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