Unconditional Love

Most people get 1 Mom but God blessed me with 2 GREAT Moms!

A mother who brought me into the world,  rocked me to sleep, changed my diapers, nursed me, cuddled me, taught me about Jesus, kissed my boos boos, scratched my back, sang scripture songs to me, curled my hair, and loved me unconditionally.

A mother who shopped and lunched with me,  hugged me when I had a broken heart, encouraged me when I was questioning my self, lived Jesus in front of me, celebrated when I graduated, picked out the perfect wedding dress and helped me with every last wedding detail, celebrated at the birth of my children, gave me Godly wisdom as I raised those children, has always been there to listen through the joys and lows of life, and loved me unconditionally.

Two wonderful, Godly women placed in my life as my Mom.  What a gift?!?  Thankful for the gift and unconditional love of my Moms.


About dennyfamily

Happily Married with 2 Wonderful Children.
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One Response to Unconditional Love

  1. Fran Tate says:

    Erin, this is so beautiful. I tried unsuccessfully to email it to me but failed. I want my siblings to see it. You are a precious child of God. G.Aunt Teensie

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