Look Whoooo’s ONE!!

Adam, Laura, and Baby Ruth came in town for a really short visit yesterday.

We decided it would be the best to have a little party for Elle so she could have her family and her best friend, Ruth, there.  (We arranged our children’s best friends.  :D)  We would have LOVED to have all her family and friends together to celebrate but it just isn’t possible living away.  And since Adam and Laura were only in town for a 2 nights we decided to keep the guest list minimal or nonexsistant rather to be able to enjoy the short time we have with them.

Elle had a great time!!  It was nice and intimate.

I kept with the owl theme of her nursery because we love owls around here.

The cake.

Mike said the cake was charming!  I’m not sure if that is  a nice name for ugly or not.  But I’ll take it.  I’m a cook.  Not much of a cake decorator or a baker.  But I try for my kid’s birthdays.  Unfortunately, I should have followed my rule of thumb and not tried a new cake recipe.  The cake was horrible!  The buttercream icing was delicious, though.  At least, I saved some calories for the week not having a cake made with 8 sticks of butter sitting around!  It was a double recipe but still 2 sticks of butter seemed like a lot for a cake recipe!  I should have known.

The top layer was Elle’s smash cake.  Here she is digging in.

Sugar Coma

Oops!  We forgot the party hat.

Party Favor

Cousins and Best Friends

Well, we are teaching Elle early that birthdays last a month.  I think we are finished celebrating now. 🙂  It was a great month starting with a celebration with Grammy and Granddad and now finishing up with a little party.

Missed you Mimi and Pop, Grammy and Granddad, friends and family!!!


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2 Responses to Look Whoooo’s ONE!!

  1. Sandy says:

    I simply love the photo where Luke is smiling so big while Elle decorates her hair with cake….PRICELESS. I so enjoy your blogs, Erin.

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