Elle’s Special Day

In true Denny family fashion, we celebrated Elle’s birthday a day late. Mike wanted to be home for the few little things I planned.  Elle’s Birthday recap:

Elle woke up to a room full of ballons.

And a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday sang to her over Birthday French Toast…

Sported a Birthday Shirt for the Day

Happy Birthday Lunch Singing over a Cookie…Haha!!

Also, taped “Elle’s Favorites.”  Its just a series of questions I like to ask my children on their birthday so we can see how they change throughout the years.  Of course, Elle couldn’t answer.  But we call Luke her interpreter so we thought it’d be funny to let him do it. 🙂 (Excuse, the rugged appearance and her eating habits.  We haven’t quite gotten to table manners. 😀 )

We ended up not singing to her at dinner because we joined friends after church….Oh well, she didn’t know the difference.

Birthday posts should be over soon after we have her party Thursday night…


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3 Responses to Elle’s Special Day

  1. Annie Overman says:

    Happy Birthday Baby Elle! Looks like a fun day 🙂 Enjoyed the videos!

  2. anna walker says:

    Love it! I might have to “borrow” the birthday interview idea. So cute!!!

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