R is for…

I’m a little late getting this post up.  We had a busy weekend with family in town.

We got to a couple of “R” activities last week.  But most of my time was spent cleaning.  Mike said at the end of last week if he didn’t know better he’d think I was nesting. 🙂  Not pregnant.  No nesting.  Just a lot of spring cleaning!!!

The weather has been beautiful too!!  Too pretty to sit inside and make crafts or do “school.”  There will be plenty hot summer days and cold winter days for indoor activities.  Right now, we are having a fabulous time running around and playing outdoors!

“R” Memory Verse and Rainbow

I taught Luke the acronym for the colors of the rainbow-Roy G. Biv.  He got it very quickly.  Yes, it is unfinished.  Luke didn’t want to finish it.  I want these activities to be enjoyable so I don’t force him to always complete something.  He is 3.


I do not claim to be crafty.  I am not.  Very far from it.  I got this “craft” from a magazine.  It was much cuter in the picture but I’m learning to let go of my perfectionist tendencies when it comes to arts/crafts with my 3-year-old.  The important part is he had a great time making it together.  So did I!! 🙂

At the beginning of the week the robot’s name was Jack.  Then he named it Alphie.  Three-year-olds are so fun! 🙂

RBI Baseball Player

Luke is loving playing baseball outside.   We play almost every single day.  Thanks Uncle Bud and Aunt Laura for the set!!


Mike’s parents, Alaina, and Anthony came for a visit last weekend.  

We went to the Coke factory.

The highlight was definitely the “Tasting Room.”

Daddy even let Elle try some.  She kept coming back for more!!

Ant’s reaction after trying everyone’s favorite, The Beverly.

We also celebrated Elle’s 1st birthday, took a short hike, and the kids loved playing outdoors.

Love this picture of Luke!

Luke keeps asking me when it is going to be April 15 at 10:06 again because that is what time they arrived.  I think he had a great time with his family!!!


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