Taste and See

(I said I was going to post something on Monday-read this post if you haven’t.   I know all my readers have been sitting on the edge of their seat. Kidding.  I wrote something but never felt good about it.  One thing I’m trying to teach myself if I ever have any reservation about words I’m about say, press send to, or hit the enter button then I don’t say it.  I’m still working on it…..Anyways, I’m just getting around to having a break to rewrite this post.)

That the Lord is GOOD!!!

I could write a list a mile long of all the wonderful things the Lord has done for me throughout my life but I want to keep this specific to our relocation.  I think it is so important to see the Lord working even when we are going through a trial.  Because He always is!!

  1. My biggest fear with relocating was-what the heck were we going to do with our house?  Sell?  Down economy.  Rent?  Such a hassle. No other choice so we had to pick one!  Rent it was. Guess how God did it?  Through Facebook!!!  Mike and I prayed one Wednesday morning that if the Lord wanted us to move he would rent our home quickly to someone our house would bless as much as it had blessed us.  I decided to make an album on facebook to post our house for rent.  I did that on Wednesday.  On Thursday, I had a friend contact me that she knew a friend looking for a home to rent in the Charleston area.  They came and looked at our house on Saturday, and rented it on Sunday!!!  They are a great couple and their kids are almost the exact same ages as ours too.  It still amazes me that God did that for us!!!  I always feel such a peace knowing that they are in our house.
  2. My second biggest fear was how in the world would we cover a move to Georgia?  Mike and I have a lot of stuff.  Too much.  In fact, I’ve spent all week cleaning out closets, drawers, nooks and crannies.  (I’m in a spring cleaning mood, apparently.) I became disgusted today at the sheer volume of stuff we have.  2 people married 7 1/2 years have accumulated too much stuff.  And that is all it is-stuff.  Well, I knew it would cost a huge chunk of change to move all our STUFF.  Mike and I really didn’t think the company would assist either.  We assumed they’d just think he was blessed to get a job offer. Since most of the plants that the company was closing was not offering employees relocation positions.  Well guess what………the company not only paid for our move but gave us some money to help with moving expenses like deposits and opening new accounts!!  Not only did they just pay for a move but they paid for someone to come in and box my entire house up and move it!!!!  Woot! Woot!
  3. We moved into a fabulous house in Georgia AND we got a deal on the rent! Sometimes Mike and I talk about even if God brought us back to Charleston one day, how we’ll be so sad to leave this house. This is a great house!  I’ve always wanted a window over my kitchen sink.  This kitchen has a perfect little one.  And it overlooks trees, our back deck, and koi pond with the waterfall.  The outdoor area of this house is perfect!!!  We spend so much of our time out there.
  4. Elle was the perfect baby.  Moving is hard.  Moving with a 2-year-old is difficult.  Moving with a new baby and a 2-year-old is nearly unbearable.  But not with Elle.  Elle was basically sleeping through the night since the 2nd night in the hospital.  She was sleeping from an 11 pm feeding – 8 am feeding at 8weeks!!  By 12 weeks she was making it 12 hours!!!  I know that was the Lord.  God knows how much I need my sleep.  Period.  Move or Not.  But especially, through an exhausting move!
  5. I could list at least 5 times the Lord clearly spoke to my spirit or led me to the perfect scripture right when I needed it!!!
  6. We found a great church!  Yes, we visited around fighting driving 35 minutes to church but we couldn’t fight it much more.  Church at Chapel Hill is a great church!!  And I even believe God is even working on why he placed us here to live and 35 minutes away to go to church.
  7. We are making friends!   I love my friends. But I’m happy staying at home whipping up muffins, playing with my kids, TRYING to keep a tidy house, running a small home business.  So much so that I could go through a week and realized I hadn’t spoken to a soul besides my husband and kids. But one thing I realized so much during this time, is how the Lord created us for relationships.  Being here without many friends the first 5  months was tough!!  But God has brought us into a great small group, and we’re enjoying our relationships.  My friends from home have also been so great about calling me and checking in.  Those few minutes every week made so much of a difference!
  8. We have missed our church, friends, and extended family.  But I must admit, it has been so nice having a complete open agenda other than Mike’s work and Saturday night church.  Our family has bonded, and we’ve made a lot of great memories.
  9. Home is only 5 hours away, and my parents are still 3 hours away.  We could have been transferred anywhere but it is so nice to know the people we love are only an afternoon drive away!
  10. Malls, Trader Joe’s, Yoforia, Hiking, Chipotle, Ikea…….Atlanta has some definite Wins!!!!

God is so faithful!  In the midst, of one of life’s challenges I can see so much of his handiwork.  I’m so thankful.

What has God done for you???


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6 Responses to Taste and See

  1. holly says:

    He has given me a great friend like you. okay, sappy quota met for the day 🙂 love you!

  2. Laura says:

    God has blessed me beyond my imagination and beyond what I deserve. A loving husband, the means to be able to stay home with my baby girl, a great family (that includes in-laws:) ) and much much more! Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

  3. Janet Clark says:

    Hey, im having a hard time right now. i looked at your blog and God is good all the time i feel like just crying out to Him. Please pray for me and my future.i need God’s peace through this time. I want Gods will for my life. im reaching out!!!

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