Our Week in Pictures and Captions


My parents visited last weekend and all we did was party so we spent Monday cleaning the house.  In this picture, Elle had actually dumped her bowl of cheerios on the floor so Luke quickly grabbed the broom to sweep them up.  He is such a little helper!


I cleaned out all the closets.  I was especially excited to box up all Luke’s old clothes.  I cannot help but think about my new nephews that will hopefully be wearing Luke’s clothes sometime this year.  My brother and sister along with their 3 girls are adopting 2 boys from Uganda.  These boys are so blessed!!!  They couldn’t be brought into a better family.


Luke and I planted an herb and vegetable garden.

Planted Okra seeds in these pots.  Plan to transplant them into the garden in about a month.

Watering his strawberries, basil, rosemary, and mint.

Elle watched.


Luke wasn’t acting like himself when we got to life group Wednesday.  He just wanted to sit on my lap.  No socializing with anyone.  This is so unlike him.  I realized he had a fever so Wednesday night and Thursday there was lots of cuddling.  No other symptoms, though.  My kids rarely get sick other than a cold, and neither one of them are cuddlers.  So I really cherish all the cuddling. It breaks my heart but I love the snuggles!


Luke woke up with great hair!!!  Can you tell he wasn’t feeling good?

Saturday and Sunday

4 mile hike.

Skipping Rocks.

Now with Daddy.

She LOVES her daddy.

Inside a BIG tree.

Daddy hung Elle’s swing.  We have to get new chain for Luke’s.

Elle had never swung in an outdoor swing.  Apparently, Atlanta doesn’t believe in swings.  We haven’t seen any swings at parks around here.  Elle giggled and smiled the whole time.  She loved it!


Mmm….Tha’ts a pretzel.  Not a cig.

So blessed.  LOVE my family!!!!


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Happily Married with 2 Wonderful Children.
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2 Responses to Our Week in Pictures and Captions

  1. Annie Overman says:

    Sweet family, indeed. Love Luke’s hair!

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