Grace and Mercy

My children and I are together 24/7.  Well, pretty much.  There is the weekly church nursery stay.  And the very occassional times Mike watches them for me to run to the grocery store.  That happens about once a month.  And the very, very occassional date night.  We’ve had 2 in almost 7 months. (Not including our incredible cruise the end of November.)

Sometimes I find myself feeling sorry for myself.  Wishing I could get out a little more. Don’t get me wrong.  I love my children fiercely!!  I’m so blessed to stay home with them. But sometimes I just crave a few moments.  Especially, since Elle has gotten so active.

Yes, I could hire a babysitter or find a mother’s morning out program but when you move to a new area where you don’t know anyone its hard.  I’m particular about who watches my children.  You have to be.  Normally, we would find a sitter who goes to church with us but we found a church 35 minutes from our house.  No sitter wants to drive that distance.

Yes, Mike could watch them a little more.  But my husband works hard long hours.  On top of that, when he is home I want to be with him.  I guess I’m needy like that.  But I just really enjoy my time with him. The thought of being out alone when he is at home with the kids isn’t appealing to me.  If I am going to be away from him I want it to be worth it…. like hanging out with a friend.

I found the way I remedy my down feelings is praise and worship music and having fun with my children.  This actually works wonders for me.

I had one of these moments yesterday so I threw on the new Bethel album, and Luke and I made brownies for life group together and then had some photobooth fun.  Very therapeutic!

We became underwater fish.

Rode a roller coaster.

Became Angels.

We’re sketched.

Became Comic Book Pictures.

We twirled. Yes, I let him lick the brownie bowl. 🙂

Went through a light tunnel.

Stepped back a few years.

Elle woke up from her nap to join us for one.

I’m thankful this works for me.  A year ago, I probably would have HAD to get out!!!  So I’m just going to chalk this one up to God’s grace and mercy again.


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2 Responses to Grace and Mercy

  1. Julie Nichols says:

    Hey, our life is very much like your’s. Kids are in school now and I’m working full time, but we don’t do the babysitter thing too often because we all appreciate the time we have together and don’t want to NOT be together (I know that’s a double negative, hehe!) Anyway, when we moved here from Orlando 6 years ago, we weren’t used to sooo much family time. I became a stay at home mom and Brian was home every night, which wasn’t the case in Orlando when he directed high school marching band. It was certainly a transition, but now that enough time has passed and I can look back, I too see God’s grace and mercy. We needed that bonding time as a family. It’s made us who we are as a family today . . . very close!

    • dennyfamily says:

      Thanks, Julie!! I love that. That being together as made your family so close. I’m going to believe the same for min. And it isn’t a double negative at all!! I completely agree. 🙂

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