Q is for…

(We took a little break 2 weeks ago from “school” activities. We spent a lot of time playing outdoors and cleaning out and organizing all Luke and Elle’s clothes.  But we were back to the letter Q this week.  Well, sort of.)

Quiet weekend

We had a really quiet weekend last week.  It was rainy most of the weekend so we spent our weekend indoors watching movies in our pjs, cooking, and playing games.  Because Luke’s new favorite read is my cookbook, he has been asking me to cook a recipe out of it. Last weekend was the perfect weekend for it.  Out of all the recipes, he chose “Baked Apples.”  They were ok.  I don’t think I bought the right kind of baking apple.  Luke and I mostly ate the vanilla ice cream and homemade caramel sauce.  🙂

Speaking of movies,  can anyone suggest any great movies to watch with a 3-year-old?  He just started enjoying movies.  We rented “Despicable Me.”  We all were unimpressed.  We’ve seen Toy Story 3 but that is about it.  I also showed him my all-time favorite movie last weekend, Sound of Music.  He and Elle loved dancing when the songs came on!

Quilt and “Q” Memory Verse

Pages for His “ABC” book.  This scripture made me laugh a little. It’s a good Pentecostal one. 🙂

“Q” reads

Grammy gave us the “Big Thoughts for Little People” book for Christmas.  We read out of this one at least once of week.  It’s set up by ABC’s so it is a perfect addition to our weekly lessons.  We also have a bunch of these small bible story books so this week we read “Queen” Esther.

My children take their time eating so I always like to read stories to them during lunch. I pick ones that go along with our lessons for the week.  It gives us something to talk about other than “BJ,” a current constant topic of conversation. 😉


We didn’t get to many “Q” activities this week.  Instead, we did a lot of playing.  It rained most of the week. I enjoy the first couple of days of rain. But after 2 or more days I need my Vitamin D! Rain makes me sleepy, tired, unmotivated, and just blah.  I get the basic things I HAVE to get accomplished but things that aren’t a priority just don’t happen.   Does anyone have a remedy for the rainy day blahs??  Because I’d sure like to find one!

Playing with my children isn’t quitting, though.  I love playing with those kids!!

We built tents.

I know.  Not the greatest tent!!  I need my fellow tent-builder to help, my brother.  We used to make some mean tents!

Luke and I took our first nap together!

Yes, in 3 years, Luke and I have never fallen asleep together.  (Well, other than the many nights we spent in the recliner or rocker till he was about 12 weeks old.) He needs no distractions.  I need my space.  But the rain had us both tired.  We both curled up and fell asleep!


By Thursday, 6 days of being homebound by the rain was too much.  Luke had so much energy he needed to release so I took the kids to a jump house.  All 3 of us had a blast!!!

The 3 of us inside a jump house.

It was a great week but a fabulous weekend!! My parents came for a visit, and we enjoyed our time with them so much. I am so thankful for them!  I wish we could see them more but the time we do get to spend together is always fun and memorable!!!

Oh, and the nursery worker confirmed my exhaustions of Elle being EVERYWHERE Saturday night.  Usually, I go pick Elle up and she gushes over how sweet and easy she is.  Saturday night,  She said Elle is so fast and is everywhere!!  She seemed a little exhausted. I felt bad for her but it actually made me feel a little better knowing she wore someone else out too. 🙂


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