Exceedingly Above

Luke reading is extraordinary.  It still amazes me everyday when I hear those big words come out of that sweet little voice.  Or how he can read the grocery cart, “Mommy it says, children are not allowed in the basket.  I must walk with you!” I don’t want to teach him at 3 that it is ok to break rules. So I let him walk since the top basket is occupied by his sister!

I try to be so careful, though. There is a fine line from stating a fact or telling family and friends funny stories because he reads at 3 and boasting. (You can only imagine the complications that come when you have a 2 year-old that reads!!  But he also makes great party entertainment!) Because I don’t want to ever seem like I’m bragging.  Or saying, “Look at my child!  Look at my child!”  Yes, it is amazing what he is doing but nothing to boast over. Only to Praise God for!!!

When Luke was born, he was a tiny little guy, only 4 lbs. 11 oz., at 2 weeks early.

1 week after birth.

Christmas Eve 2007, the doctor came in the room and exclaimed, “We have to get this baby out tonight!”  My blood pressure was 196/113.  My protein levels were off the charts.  I was swollen almost twice my size to the point when my own father came into the room to see me he later said he thought he had the wrong room because he didn’t even recognize me. My kidney and liver blood work was coming back borderline HELLP syndrome. After trying to be induced and deliver naturally for 7 hours, labor stopped.  So the doctor said she had to take Luke via c-section.  As tears of fear began to roll down my cheeks, she grabbed my hand and said, “Erin, you two are blessed to be alive.”

I’ll never forget those words.  The next 5 days were such a blur.  I was so sick.  Luke was kept under 24 hour observation because of his size.  I was diagnosed with severe pre eclampsia  and as a result Luke had intrauterine growth restriction.  Things were mentioned about heart defects, learning disabilities, slow development etc.

Then when I came home, I researched pre eclampsia and intrauterine growth restriction.  I wanted to more educated on the disease.  Especially, to try to avoid it with my next pregnancies. What I found left me fearful that yes, the things that were mentioned were a very high possibility.  I only mentioned my fears to a few very close people.

EVERYDAY as fear would creep in, I would have to give those fears to God.  Yes, everyday it was choice not to fear and have faith in God.  I was subconsciously watching his development so closely.  I never intended to but I just would. I prayed nearly every day that God would help Luke to progress normally and claimed that Luke’s mind would be strong and alert.

One morning, I started crying before the Lord because fear of Luke developing correctly had entangled me.  I no longer wanted to worry.  Luke was and is the Lord’s!  The Lord then reminded me of the word I got for Luke when I was 18  and gave me the verse Jeremiah 29:11-13.

At 22 months, the evening I first realized Luke was reading, I remember tears streaming down my cheeks soaking my my pillow that night.  So grateful. So thankful.  That not only did the Lord answer my prayers but Luke was far exceeding average norms reading at 22 months old!!!

I remind myself of this faithfulness of the Lord often.  Because “He went exceedingly beyond all that I could ask or hope for!!!” Ephesians 3:20

To God be ALL the glory!!!


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One Response to Exceedingly Above

  1. Erin, I can definitely relate somewhat to this post. While I had preeclampsia, it does not sound as mine was as severe as yours. With the fear I had, I can only imagine to what extent you felt it more. But I think that while God does not give us a spirit of fear, He does give us this motherly instinct that wants to protect and nourish. I know those were the first times I felt it to that extent, sadness that something could possibly be wrong with my child. I pray similiar things for her each day and have Jeremiah 29:11 over her crib on the wall. I constantly pray that for her and Phillipians 4:6. It is amazing how having our little ones gives us such dependency on God again..but I am thankful and think there is not better place to be. Praise Him for Luke’s abilities and praying that he uses those over the years to glorify His Creator.

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