Love and Marriage

Last Sunday morning, I woke up with a headache so Mike told me to sleep it off while he took care of the kids.  When I woke up I came down to this:

Not only had he made the kid’s pancakes, fed them, and then cleaned the kitchen.  But I found him on his hands and knees scrubbing the kitchen floor!!!

Then Thursday morning, I get a text from him saying, “Don’t plan dinner tonight or put Luke down for a nap.”  “Huh?”  “We are going on a date!!”

My husband had taken it upon himself to arrange for our awesome friend, Christin, to come and watch our kids while he took me out on our first date in a while!!!  I was so surprised!

We went to Virginia Highlands.  It’s a really neat neighborhood in Atlanta for appetizers and dinner.  We started at Aspen Grill and split the pulled pork nachos and ended up at a great little fresh seafood joint, and I had the shrimp and grits!!!!  Yes, they have shrimp and grits in Atlanta!  I felt like I was at home.  We had planned to go somewhere else for dessert but we were both stuffed and tired.

It was a great evening being able just to linger over great food and chat.  No time schedules or distractions.  Just the two of us.

I’m so amazed by my husband everyday.  His character, meekness and quiet strength,  humor, and great looks made me fall in love with him over 8 years.  And I can say after living with him for 7 1/2 years, he is is exactly the man I fell in love with and even more.   I never imagined marriage to be this fulfilling and rewarding but I married the man God created for me so I feel so blessed!! Life is so unpredictable and isn’t always easy but it makes it easier since I always have Mike with me. I love journeying with him!!


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Happily Married with 2 Wonderful Children.
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