My Favorite Part of Spring

I love Spring.  I can do without the horrific allergies Spring brings Luke, Elle, and I but otherwise it’s such a beautiful time.  It’s a sigh of relief when the frigid days of winter have rolled out, and we found life does exist beyond our 4 walls.  Really.  That’s how winter felt for me this year.

There are so many enjoyments of Spring:

Blooming Trees

What Kind of Tree is this, Dad?  (My Dad knows every plant/tree that God made, well almost.)

Budding Trees

Al Fresco Dining

We nixed the homemade “P” is for Pizza last night and went to one of our favorite Mexican restaurants for Veggie Enchiladas and a little FroYo for the little man!

(After a rough week, my afternoon went a  lot like this…..

so Mike insisted we go out. Yes, that is an accident.  And Yes, that was yesterday afternoon.  At least we were outside 🙂 ) Back to my love of spring…

Working outside listening to our Waterfall:

Playing Outside with my Children:


He was so proud to have a hat like Daddy!

Yes, all those things make Spring so enjoyable but my favorite part is the appearance of…….

CHUNKY BABY LEGS!!!! Love ‘Em!!!


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Happily Married with 2 Wonderful Children.
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