What’s New?

Current Happenings in the Denny household:

Crib Time

Luke loves reading to Elle in her crib!  She loves the friendly attention!!


Where’s Baby Elle?

There she is!!

She’ll play this game with you 1,000 times if you let her!

Blanket Time

I do my morning chores while Luke has room time everyday.  I’ve just started working with Elle on blanket time.  She is still young so it is a work-in-progress. 🙂

Numbers Boy

Read him this story this morning for our daily devotions.

Afterwards, he says, “So, Joseph was in jail like Paul and Silas on Page 380?”

Of course, I had to look.  And of course, he was right.  I keep his devotions bible on the top shelf in the kitchen so he doesn’t have access to it.  He remembered the numbers and stories from a month or so ago!

He is also intrigued with dates right now.  The first thing out of his mouth every morning is not, “Is Daddy home?” anymore.  It is, “Is today March x?”  He always knows the exact date except nap time confuses him sometimes. 😉

Luke’s Current Favorite Read

Yes, not much to say about this!


Luke is doing really well with playing golf. He hits the ball correctly and has quite a swing. Mike came in one night last week while I was cooking dinner and exclaimed, “Erin, have you seen him play golf?!?!”  “Yes.” “He is really good.”

I think Mike thinks he could be the next Tiger Woods.  I sure hope not!! 🙂

Avocados make her Giddy

Taking after her brother’s favorite food.  I think he is the only child that will order guacamole over cheese dip in a restaurant.

And her other favorite food is….

Grass, Leaves, and Dirt!




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5 Responses to What’s New?

  1. Annie Overman says:

    Blanket time- awesome! The only other time I’ve heard of that is from the Duggar’s (yes, I read their book). Did you do that with Luke, too? Does it seem to work well?

  2. dennyfamily says:

    I love the Duggar’s! But no, I didn’t get that from them. It’s a Baby wise principle. I never did it with Luke. Wish I had. I did start room time with him when he was 2 which is the same principle for older children and works great!!! It’s so nice to have 30 minutes in the morning and afternoon plus nap time to accomplish what I have to. It allows me to enjoy quality time with my children. Rather than feel pulled that I should be taking care of emails or cleaning bathrooms…..I know there is time scheduled when I can take care of those things. 🙂 Highly recommend it.

  3. Annie Overman says:

    Ok, so I just realized that you replied to my posts, so I’m going back to look at them all.. next time I’ll check the “notify me of follow ups” box! Babywise, huh? We’re trying to use their principals, but I don’t remember reading about that.. maybe it’s in the next book?

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