2 Teeth

How come parenting is the only “thing” in the world where it can be so difficult, yet rewarding?  So sad, yet so happy?

It’s seriously the only “thing” I’ve experienced that has so many emotions wrapped into one moment or changing from minute to minute.

This morning was no different.  Elle was eating her morning cheerios right after I had fed her her bottle and oatmeal.  Luke was devouring his oatmeal while I ate my green smoothie.  I was just talking to them both about the devotion we had just read when I suddenly caught a glimpse of Elle’s 2 new top teeth that must have completely broken through last night.

That’s all I needed to see to have me crying like a baby!  Yes, 2 teeth had me crying.  And no, I’m not depressed or overwhelmed.

Maybe, just overwhelmingly thankful.

2 teeth had me balling because they brought me back to the moment I first heard her cry and then the nurse brought her over to me, and I whispered in her ear.  She immediately calmed down and became so peaceful.

2 teeth reminded me the first time I saw my husband hold his beautiful little girl and whispered, “Hey, sweetheart! I’m your Daddy!! I love you so much!!! I’m going to protect you and love you forever.”

2 teeth reminded me of the 1st Sunday she was home from the hospital.  My parents took Luke to church so Mike and I just spent the morning cuddling with her on the floor and loving her.

2 teeth had  me reminscing of how she used to cuddle in her swing and fall asleep while sucking her 2 fingers.

2 teeth made me remember how perfect she was as a baby.  Sleeping through the night practically, by the 2nd night in the hospital.  We only have a couple memories trying to get her to fall asleep at night.

2 teeth!  Yes, 2 little teeth did that to me this morning.

I’m so grateful for the children God has given me.  It’s not always easy being a mommy.  In fact, sometimes its the most difficult thing I’ve ever done!  There are days where I’d just like to clock out.  Or moments where I’d just like turn on the tv for the rest of day.  Evenings where I’d like to enjoy a night out with just Mike and I (I think its been since the first weekend of December.) without lugging around bottles, sippy cups, and games and then being spit up all over in the mist of it all. Days I’d like just to wander.  Anywhere.  Up and down the aisles at a grocery store (preferably Whole Foods).  Stroll through a mall. Throw things in my cart at Target and then put them back because I know I don’t need them. Anywhere. I’m not particular.

No, it isn’t easy. But dude, it’s the most rewarding, fulfilling assignment ever!!! And they grow up overnight-literally!

We celebrated Elle’s teeth and let her try her first Chick-Fil-A today!

*As a side note, I normally would not consider myself sentimental (I throw EVERYTHING away.  I’m rarely sappy or lovey.) But when it comes to my babies and husband I just feel so blessed I can’t help but cherish them!!!


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Happily Married with 2 Wonderful Children.
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