Kids Say the Funniest Things

Today Luke was a dinosaur.  Not the dressed up kind.  Just the pretend kind.  I had to call him dinosaur all day.  Somedays it’s Quincy or Leo (from Little Einsteins.)  That makes Elle and I June and Annie for the day.  Other days, he is Gill from the new show Grammy taped for him, Bubble Guppies.  But this morning, he woke up a dinosaur.

(The Mickey pancake Mike made him Sunday night.)

Well, after the little dinosaur got an attitude with me, I sent him to time out.  His response, “Mommy, dinosaurs can not go to time out.  They will sit on their tail, and it will hurt them!”

Yes.  Hilarious!  I had to go into the other room because I was laughing so hard but had to enforce the punishment still.

He is such a joy!


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2 Responses to Kids Say the Funniest Things

  1. SimplyMom says:

    Haha!! …maybe you should explain that dinosaurs can indeed go on a very long time-out, aka: extinction! 😉

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