Miracles Happen!

Luke LOVES Elle! 🙂

We’ve been struggling with Luke accepting Elle since day 1.  Luke is a very vibrant, energetic, bright little boy.  Mike and I have concluded (for MANY reasons) his “love language” is the same as both of ours-quality time. (Technically, they say it is too early to tell, though.) So when we added Elle to the family his quality time was cut.  He has had a hard time adjusting. It got better around 4 months but still he hasn’t wanted much to do with her.

He has progressed a little  but today was shockingly different.  I kept hearing him say, “Baby Elle, come play with me!”

He wanted a drum for her while we listened to the new Bethel album (Great album BTW!!)

They were talking back and forth to each other and LAUGHING so hard!!

He wanted to feed her her bottle:

They also chased each other around the house.  Luke ran.  Elle army crawled.  Very Cute!

I know this might not seem like that big of a deal but this is an answer to my prayers.  Thankful for my miracle today-no matter how small it seems! 🙂


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Happily Married with 2 Wonderful Children.
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One Response to Miracles Happen!

  1. Aron says:

    aww that is so sweet! That is not a small miracle, that is huge! Proud of Luke

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