We made a spontaneous trip home to Charleston this weekend….

One of my favorite pictures of Mike and Luke at Isle of Palms.

Children’s Entertainment

IPOD Touch

The piano App is his favorite so he can play it with our traveling tunes.

Adult Entertainment

We are feeling like a hip family with our apple products. Haha!   Just need iphones. 🙂

We had a GREAT trip!!!  Because I’m CONVINCED we are blessed with the greatest family and friends.

1 reason for this trip:

Best Friends!!!!

Elle got to meet her best friend and cousin for the first time, Ruth!!!

Luke got to help his best friend, Jack, celebrate his 3rd birthday!

And Ruth’s Daddy and Mommy and Jack’s Daddy and Mommy are Mike and I’s best friends so we all enjoyed hanging out with our best friends this weekend!

We also got:

A little Zumba in…

This was my first time doing Zumba.  I enjoy exercising and do it often but I think if I had a Zumba class to go to I’d go everyday.  This was the most hilarious, fun form of exercising I’ve ever done!

Uncle Bud worship!!

Luke got to hear Uncle Bud lead worship on Sunday AND he sang his favorite song, “Our God is Greater.” Luke LOVES his Uncle Bud and thinks he is the greatest.

We all miss Uncle Bud’s worship so much!!!  Adam is such an awesome worship leader because he is so anointed and is sensitive to the Holy Spirit.

I got to hold and spend lots of time with this sweet little girl..

My new niece, Ruth!  Ruth is 1 month old today.

We came to Charleston for Ruth’s birth, and I got to hold her for a minute right after she was born. But because of complications she was moved to level 2 nursery a few hours later.  I got to see her in the nursery but never was able to hold her again.  I’ve been aching to see her and hold her since.  So I was SO GLAD we were able to make it down this weekend.  They grow up so fast!!!  I wanted to enjoy her for a few hours as a sweet little baby. 🙂

Mike, Luke, and Elle also got to visit with Grammy and Granddad while I got a VERY much-needed haircut and color on Saturday.  They had a great time at the park and eating Granddad’s famous fried chicken and mashed potatoes.  Luke has enjoyed his new dog, Butterscotch, they gave him.

I’m CONVINCED we’re blessed beyond what we deserve!!!!  God has surrounded us with greatest friends and family! We love you all!!!!

Thanks to our friends, Jason and Jessica,  for putting us up and feeding us!  🙂


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