N is for…

Night and “N” Memory Verse

Pages for Luke’s ABC book

Nightengale, “N”, “N” Memory Verse, Numbers book, Numbers


When planning this activity, I never thought about how Luke wouldn’t have the dexterity to thread the cheerios and pasta onto the necklace.  But we worked together and got one made.  He intently tried without complaining when he couldn’t do it.  That is rare!  Too often out of his mouth is, “I can’t do it!”  So I was proud.

As expected, Elle’s necklace turned into Snack Time!!

Luke and I practiced patterns with his.

Finished product.  We managed to get 15 cheerios strung on Elle’s.

A 1 minute photo session resulted in…

One lonely cheerio.


Elle’s First Spaghetti


This boy eats, sleeps, and walks numbers.  So he was so happy with this activity!

Nature Walks

This was suppose to be a walk around the woods at a park near us with a bag to collect things and then put into a book. But I wasn’t feeling it.  So I opted for a nature walk around the yard and pictures.  Hopefully, we’ll complete the project.  And actually make the picture book. 🙂

Neighborhood Walks

The Sock I must constantly retrieve.

She likes a naked foot!

Walking Buddies.

And the numbers, we must make sure we see on every mailbox and say aloud!! 🙂

NAPS!! Glorious Naps.

This wasn’t nap time but it was this week one night at bed.  Went in and found him asleep upside down on top of his Bible.  Wish it was that easy to impart some Fruits of the Spirit into Him!

Never a dull moment.



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One Response to N is for…

  1. Annie Overman says:

    Wow! I hope to be as “together” of a mom as you one day! I love all of your intentional activities. Are you home schooling? (yes, I am taking the few quiet moments I have during Henry’s frustrating growth spurt to read your whole blog!)

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